In partnership with AJG (Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services, Inc), LEGAL ONE is pleased to offer discounted school law training to all staff in AJG member districts.

We are offering 50% off the registration price for any 5 of our newest online courses and 20% off the registration price for eligible LEGAL ONE workshops.

You do not have to be a member of NJPSA to sign up! 

LEGAL ONE’s online offerings are a great way to satisfy New Jersey professional development requirements for teachers, school leaders, and other school employees!

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Online Courses

Comprehensive, New Jersey-specific courses on various aspects of school law. These courses include real-world scenarios, attorney commentaries and assessments in order to ensure understanding of key legal principles.

Addressing HIB Claims and Discipline for Students With Disabilities

Ensuring a safe learning environment and protecting the due process rights of students with disabilities are critical obligations for all school districts. This course is designed to help school officials work through the complex maze of state and federal statutes, regulations and case law related to addressing HIB claims and discipline for students with disabilities.The course is organized into four modules. Module 1 provides an overview of Federal law addressing student discipline. Module 2 highlights key aspects of Federal and New Jersey law regarding bullying. Module 3 includes a variety of supplemental resource materials. Finally, Module 4 ensures that participants have mastered the content of this course with a multiple-choice assessment.

Child Abuse Prevention

Ensuring the safety and well-being of all students is the most important responsibility for all school district employees. This course will empower you to better understand the definitions of abuse, statistics about how often it happens, what is known about both victims and perpetrators, steps to prevent abuse, and finally, legal requirements about what to do when you suspect abuse has occurred.

The first section of the course covers the topics of physical and emotional abuse and neglect. The second section of the course focuses specifically on the topic of child sexual abuse, as much of the research, statistics, and strategies to stop sexual abuse are distinct from other types of abuse. Supplemental documents are provided in order to reinforce the information discussed. Finally, participants will be asked to complete an online assessment to ensure understanding of essential content.

Getting to the Truth: A Toolkit for Conducting Effective Student Investigations

How do we assess the credibility of witnesses with conflicting stories? What are the most effective questioning strategies? How do we analyze written statements? What happens when a student with a disability is involved? What issues come into play with younger students? How do we address issues arising outside the school environment, including on social media?

This course provides a comprehensive toolkit that will empower investigators to answer these crucial questions. The course is organized into 8 modules. It includes real-world scenarios, attorney commentaries, practical tips from practitioners, supplemental templates and resource materials and a multiple-choice course assessment.

Establishing HIB Systems, Protocols and Capacity

This course provides a strategic framework to assist you in ensuring that your district is working as effectively and efficiently as possible to prevent, identify and respond to issues of harassment, intimidation and bullying.
The course is organized into nine sections. It includes suggested protocols for initiating investigations, managing evidence, communicating with parents, writing reports, supporting students and addressing school climate. The course also includes an in-depth interview with an experienced Anti-Bullying Coordinator.

School Law Essentials for Every Teacher and School Employee

This comprehensive online course is specially designed for all educators and educators and staff to learn the essentials of school law. Course Modules:

  • Part 1 – Discrimination Issues
  • Part 2 – 1st Amendment/Privacy/Social Media Issues
  • Part 3 – Student Issues
  • Part 4 – Reporting Requirements
  • Part 5 – Staff Issues

In-Person Workshops

LEGAL ONE’s in-person training is a great way to stay up to date on the latest school law developments and to have your questions answered by a knowledgeable LEGAL ONE attorney. Now you have 20% off the regular price for these great workshops thanks to Arthur J. Gallagher’s partnership with LEGAL ONE.

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