New Jersey Leadership Academy

2016 -2017

Meeting the professional development needs of today’s instructional leaders

  • A year-long experience of quality, sustained, and collaborative professional learning for district/school teams.

  • Three core courses with your cohort plus two electives on your own.

  • A well-developed, meaningful PDP, aligned to the 2015 Professional Standards for Educational Leaders, for all participants to implement.

New Jersey Leadership Academy Overview

  • Educational leaders will learn together and participate in sustained, collaborative, and structured professional development throughout the year. Job-alike cohorts of Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents, Principals, Assistant Principals, Directors, and Supervisors take three core courses together, focused on the major educational reforms. In addition, each participant takes two electives to meet individual, school, or district goals.

  • The cohort approach allows you to learn from colleagues in your position, as well as other leadership positions, giving you a broader view of the education landscape.

  • NJLA can serve as a pipeline for leadership development with your district, as teacher leaders learn from and collaborate with principals, supervisors and administration at all levels.

  • The Academy provides each participant with an easily adaptable Professional Development Plan (PDP) linked to the content of the core courses aligned to New Jersey Standards.

  • You are encouraged to attend with a team from your school/district. Teams of two or more will receive a discount when registering, and each participant earns an NJLA certificate after attending all three sessions.

  • Year 1 and 2 participants are strongly encouraged to continue their professional learning by registering for NJLA Year 3 and to bring a team from their school/district to learn about transformational leadership together.


Sample Professional Development Plans (PDP’s)

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Series 3 Core Courses

Transformational Leadership: The Power of Collaboration

What is your role as a leader in supporting the collaboration of educators to improve practice, develop a coherent curriculum, and ensure rigorous and equitable learning opportunities for all students?

During the three sessions of the cohort, educational leaders will explore the answer to this central question in teams and with colleagues in similar leadership positions. In each interactive session participants will learn and apply new strategies through the lens of shared leadership, culture and climate for adults and students, and a shared belief in high expectations for student learning. Using a systems-thinking approach that considers the responsibilities of transformative leaders to strengthen collaboration, the sessions will scaffold strategies to support educators in laying a strong foundation for collective responsibility and action that gets results for learners. An additional focus will include technology supports for implementation of new strategies, as well as an exploration of the actions that put the Standards for Educational Leaders 2015 and the Model Principal Supervisor Professional Standards into practice.


1) Transformational Leadership: Instruction as a Collaborative Process

What is the vision in your school/district that promotes the deep learning of communities of practice to support curriculum and instruction? What is your role as a leader in developing and fostering the vision?

Leaders must develop and articulate a vision for collaborative practice that focuses on PLCs as a vehicle for the continuous improvement of teaching and learning. Work with colleagues to consider the use of a variety of tools and strategies, including the revised New Jersey Student Learning Standards and the new curricular frameworks. Participants will investigate ways to transform curriculum from a compliance document to an ongoing collaborative process through which curriculum becomes viable and drives daily practice. (Standards for Educational Leaders 2015 – 1, 4, 7, and 10 and Model Principal Supervisor Standard 8)

2) Transformational Leadership: Making Curriculum Accessible to All

How do leaders build a framework for robust curriculum development that is accessible to all students? How do leaders continually coach and assess educators in the implementation of the curriculum so that all students are mastering their learning goals?

In high functioning schools, leaders guide staff to engage in a collaborative process that assures meaningful learning takes place for all students and is regularly assessed across grade levels and content areas. Participants will engage in intense discussions and sharing of leadership strategies that can be deployed for building multi-tiered systems of support for students of special populations to foster the promise of equitable learning opportunities. (Standards for Educational Leaders 2015 – 3, 5, and 6 and Model Principal Supervisor Standard 8)


3) Transformational Leadership: Breaking Down Barriers to Successful Teaching and Learning

How do leaders proactively confront barriers that impact the successful implementation of a strong and viable system of curriculum, assessment, and instruction?

Learning leaders engage in dialogue with all stakeholders to understand the assumptions that undergird the mission and vision of teaching and learning in their context. During this session, participants will uncover barriers to collaboration at the adult level that can negatively impact successful implementation of a viable curriculum. Participants will collaboratively articulate and connect new strategies to their practice with the goal of developing a common understanding of cultural norms and beliefs within the school that lead to the creation and application of high expectations for educators, students, and the community. (Standards for Educational Leaders 2015 – 1, 6, 7, and 10 and Model Principal Supervisor Standard 8)

Course 1
Course 2
Course 3
 Cohort 8
 July 11, 2017
 July 19, 2017
 July 24, 2017
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Professional Standards for Educational Leaders 2015

1) Mission, Vision, and Core Values

2) Ethics and Professional Norms

3) Equity and Cultural Responsiveness

4) Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

5) Community of Care and Support for Students

6) Professional Capacity of School Personnel

7) Professional Community for Teachers and Staff

8) Meaningful Engagement of Families and Community

9) Operations and Management

10) School Improvement



All academy participants engage in a three-session cohort. In addition, each non-NJ L2L participant will choose two electives on their own, which may be any professional development course listed in the 2016-17 summer, fall, winter, or spring calendar for NJASA or FEA, including LEGAL ONE courses, in order to meet school, district, or individual goals. Once you have registered for the New Jersey Leadership Academy, the FEA online registration system will recognize you as an NJLA participant. However, the LEGAL ONE, and NJASA web sites have been built on different platforms. Therefore, an extra step will be necessary to register for these courses.


New Jersey Leaders to Leaders (NJ L2L)

All administrators enrolled in NJ L2L will participate in one full cohort of NJLA as part of the first year requirements. They will receive one elective after completion of the NJLA cohort during the second year. There is no cost for NJ L2L participants as registration costs include participation in NJLA and in the elective.

If you plan to take an FEA or a LEGAL ONE course…

Please log into our site, then click on Events, select your course, and click Register Online. If you are an NJLA participant, you will be taken to a screen that will ask you one of two questions. If the course is a Star Advantage course, the question will be “Do you wish to use this course as your Star Advantage”. The three choices will be “Yes”, “No”, and “I would like to use my NJLA elective”. Please choose your preference.
If it is not a Star Advantage course, the question will be “Do you wish to use this course as an NJLA elective” Choose “Yes” or “No”.

If you plan to take an NJASA course…

To select and/or register for your NJASA elective, click here



$750 per person for five sessions if not part of a district team
$650 per person for teams of two or more

What did some of the Year 2 participants say about New Jersey Leadership Academy?

“Our Administrative Team pulled away from the busy daily tasks in district and as a contrast, focused on evaluation and the professional learning which goes with it. As a result, we go back to district with a plan for several changes, one for myself (improve my feedback) and at least one for the district (revise the work of the ScIP).”

Series 2 Cohort 3  – Superintendent


“It provided many collaborative moments. It gave me an insightful view of transformational leadership (from exchange to engage).”

Series 2, Cohort 5 – Middle School 

Assistant Principal


“The workshop was great, as was the networking with others and the PLC protocol practice.”

Series 2 Cohort 7 – Principal 


“What I liked most about the workshop is that we have things/ideas that we can take back with us and implement tomorrow! I also appreciated the opportunity to discuss ideas with individuals in the same position as me.”

Series 2, Cohort 6 – Assistant Principal  



“The New Jersey Leadership Academy has been an invaluable tool in strengthening our administrative team. In the last two years our district has participated, we have grown closer as an administrative team, identified and remedied areas in need of improvement in our district, and empowered leadership and collaboration. I would highly recommend participation in the NJLA!”

Series 2, Cohort 1 – Superintendent


“Presenters were enthusiastic and the information presented can be implemented and used in my position to work toward being a transformational leader. The activities and the video clips were great and relatable. Collaborative learning is fun, engaging and educational.”

Series 2 Cohort 4 – Director of Research and 

Data Evaluation 


“I liked the opportunity to go on the gallery tours after we collaboratively worked with our same position peers to discuss topics. This gave us the opportunity to see how other positions view the same or related concepts and to see their feedback on our thoughts when we reviewed the post-its they left for us.”

Series 2, Cohort 2 – Supervisor of Curriculum 

and Instruction