New NJL2L Website Login Procedures

Last month, the new New Jersey Leaders to Leaders (NJL2L) website was launched.  Please note that you were assigned an NJL2L email address.  This Gmail email address is what you must use in order to login to the site and to communicate with your mentor and with NJL2L staff. The new website was integrated into NJPSA’s single sign-on system. As you log in for the first time with your new email address, please use Computer1 as the default password. NJPSA highly advises that you change your password once you login. You will also use this new email address and password through the single sign-on system to access all private web pages connected to NJPSA and FEA (workshop registration, NJEXCEL, members-only, etc.). As a result, once you log in through single sign-on, you will also be logged into all of these NJPSA web pages without having to do so separately. If you are not sure what your NJL2L email address is, you can retrieve your NJL2L email address here.

Please view the video below to learn how to log into the new NJL2L website.