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2020 NJ General Election

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Like everything else this year, the General Election will look a little bit different. For this year’s General Election, all active, registered voters in New Jersey will receive a mail-in ballot. It will be mailed out to them by October 5th. Completed Ballots must be postmarked by November 3rd. For more information and up-to date information, please continue to check in with your NJPSA Election Center website. Visit early and often!

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Vote By Mail: A “How to”

1. There are 3 envelopes:
1. the large outer envelope
2. the inner envelope which is the return mailing envelope
3. the certification envelope which is the envelope that the ballot is placed in

2. Prior to opening the large outer envelope:check to make sure that it is your name on the label, the correct address, the correct municipality and the correct Congressional District.

  • if there are any errors, do not open the large envelope and contact your County Clerk’s Office.
  • if everything is correct, you should open the large outer envelope. At the end of the voting process, you can throw out the large outer envelope.

3. Locate the smaller inner envelope – this is the return mailing envelope. You must keep that envelope as you will put the completed ballot in it.

4. You should read the complete ballot before voting. Please check the top right of the ballot to ensure that you received the ballot for the correct municipality and the correct voting district (which will be found on the label on the large outer envelope).

5. PLEASE NOTE – YOU CANNOT VOTE FOR MORE THAN THE ALLOTTED AMOUNT OF CANDIDATES PER OFFICE. For example, if the voter votes for 3 individuals when the ballot says vote for 2, the vote for that office is considered an overvote, and the vote for that office WILL NOT COUNT.

6. If the candidate of your choice is pre-printed on the ballot, there is no need to handwrite the candidate’s name in the “Personal Choice” section of the ballot. Doing so may cause the election scanners to read two names and cause an overvote which means the vote will not count.

7. Please look at BOTH sides of the ballot, as some ballots will have candidates on both sides.

8. Once you are satisfied with your vote, fold the ballot and place it into the CERTIFICATION ENVELOPE. The certification envelope has a large flap on it that requires your complete address and signature.

9. You must complete the residency portion of the certification envelope with your registered address. PLEASE NOTE – IF YOU COMPLETE THE CERTIFICATION WITH THE ADDRESS THE BALLOT WAS MAILED TO AND NOT YOUR REGISTERED ADDRESS, YOUR VOTE MAY NOT COUNT.

10. YOU MUST SIGN the certification envelope where the big RED X is on the certification envelope. If the voter does not sign the certification envelope by the RED X the vote will not count.

11. You must sign the certification envelope with the signature you most often use. The signature must match or at least resemble the signature on your registration or mail in ballot application.

12. If you need assistance in completing the ballot and/or the certification envelope, the assistor must complete the assistor section of the Certification envelope. EVEN IF THE ASSISTOR COMPLETES THE CERTIFICATION ENVELOPE, YOU (THE VOTER) AND NOT THE ASSISTOR MUST SIGN BY THE RED X. THE ASSISTOR CANNOT SIGN FOR THE VOTER.

13. Once the ballot and certification envelope are completed, place the ballot into the certification envelope and seal the envelope. DO NOT PLACE THE BALLOT DIRECTLY INTO THE INNER RETURN MAILING ENVELOPE. DOING SO WILL VOID THE BALLOT.

14. The certification envelope is placed into the Inner envelope – which is the envelope with the address pre-printed on it.

15. Return your mail-in Ballot. There are four options:

  • You can mail it back to the county board of elections. The return envelope is postage-paid, so you do not need to add a stamp;
  • You can drop it into one of a dozen secure drop boxes that will be placed around each county. You can also find them on your county clerk’s website (links pasted below) or on the state Division of Election’s Voter Information Portal.
    • Important note that you can only place your ballot in a box in your own county, not in a different county, even if that location is closer, because ballots are counted at the county level.
  • You can deliver your ballot in person to your county board of elections office.
  • You can deliver it in person on Election Day to your designated polling location; you should receive a mailing from your county alerting you of this location before the end of October.

All 21 County Board of Election offices urge voters to vote ASAP to help them maintain the pace of the process.

News and Commentary

Below are links to stories on the 2020 Election:

Election Resources

Register to Vote!

Registration Deadline

By Mail: October 13, 2020                                                    

Eligibility Requirements:

To register in New Jersey, you must be:

  • A United States citizen
  • At least 17 years old, though you may not vote until you have reached the age of 18
  • A resident of the county for 30 days before the election
  • A person NOT currently serving a sentence, probation or parole because of a felony conviction

2020 General Election – Key Dates 

  • September 19th: Mailing of mail-in ballots to Uniformed and Overseas Voters begins
  • September 29th: Special School Board Election (*select districts)
  • October 5th: Mailing of mail-in ballots to every active registered voter deadline
  • October 13th: Last Day to Register to Vote in the November Election
  • October 23rd: Last Day to Apply for Vote-By-Mail for later registrants
  • November 5th: Last Day to Receive Ballots without postmarks
  • November 10th:  Last Day to Receive Ballots with postmarks

Important Resources

Webinar Recording – Political Speech for Students and Staff: Navigating the Legal Minefield
October 15, 2020 – RecordingPowerPoint

As we approach a presidential election in tumultuous and unprecedented times, it is critical that everyone involved in our schools understands their rights and limitations when it comes to political expression. In this free webinar recording, participants will first receive an overview of the law on political speech for students and school employees. This will be followed by a panel discussion with student leaders.

Statewide Ballot Measure

Official Public Questions:

PUBLIC QUESTION NO. 1: Legalize Marijuana

PUBLIC QUESTION NO. 2: Property Tax Deduction and Exemption for Peacetime Veterans

PUBLIC QUESTION NO. 3: Change the Legislative Redistricting Schedule If Census Data Is Delayed

2020 General Election Candidates

General Election Candidates: U.S. President

General Election Candidates: U.S. Senate

General Election Candidates: U.S. House of Representatives

General Election Candidates: State Senate

General Election Candidates: General Assembly

County Clerk Contact Information