NJPSA Committees

Surround Yourself With Leaders Like You!

The New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association strives to create a collaborative, collegial, and constructive community for many of the diverse groups of leaders who comprise our membership. One of the most productive ways to connect with others who share your experiences and responsibilities is by joining one of the many NJPSA committees, where you can share your expertise, strengthen your professional network, and effect change.

Why Join A Committee?  Our committees:

  • Provide members with a forum to openly exchange ideas, ask questions, and discuss best practices with their peers.
  • Present members with timely updates about the state of education in New Jersey.
  • Clarify changes to code and laws related to our schools.
  • Serve as the “go-to” resource for our Government Relations staff to gather real-world information to effectively advocate for common sense administrative codes, laws, and guidance that meet the needs of our schools and students. Simply put, your voice matters!
  • Connect through the NJPSA-members-only social media platform, Leadership Connection, where you can pose questions, poll your peers, respond, offer solutions, and strengthen your leadership.
  • Respond to your needs so reach out to us to suggest a committee that is not listed!
Critical Issues Committee
Focus on the big topics of the year, including implementation of the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights and NJ assessment requirements
Staff Liaisons: Debra Bradley, Jennie Lamon
Early Childhood Education Committee
Focus on recommending statewide policies and NJPSA activities that promote the maintenance and expansion of quality early childhood education programs
Staff Liaison: Mary Reece
Elementary/Middle Committee
(Formerly a PK-12 committee)
Focus on issues that pertain to leaders in PK-8, including best practices, school law, professional learning and legislation that impacts the younger grades
Staff Liaison: Robert Murphy
Gifted Education Committee
Review current and emerging issues related to the selection and instruction of students who are identified as Gifted & Talented. Recommend statewide policies and NJPSA activities that will maintain and/or enhance the quality of G&T instruction.
Staff Liaison: Mary Beth Currie
Leaders of Color Committee
Designed to connect, support, and empower leaders of color across the state
Staff Liaisons: Denise King, Fidelia Sturdivant
Leadership in Urban Schools Committee
Focus on the unique challenges and opportunities facing leaders in urban districts
Staff Liaisons: Emil Carafa, Fidelia Sturdivant
Legislative Committee
Develop recommendations for association policy on pending legislative issues. Examine and analyze legislation and code proposals. Committee recommends positions to be taken by the Association.
Staff Liaison: Debra Bradley, Jennie Lamon
LGBTQIA+ Leaders Committee
Designed to connect, support, and empower leaders across the state in the LGBTQIA+ community.
Staff Liaison: David Nash, Heather Moran
Mental Health and Wellness Committee
Provide input on professional learning needs and promote mindfulness and self-care for school leaders. Raise awareness on legal requirements and the latest research related to student and staff mental health.
Staff Liaison: David Nash, Geta Vogel
Middle/Secondary Committee
(Formerly a PK-12 committee)
Focus on issues that pertain to leaders in grades 6-12, including best practices, school law, professional learning and legislation that impacts the older grades
Staff Liaison: Robert Murphy
Multilingual Learners Committee
(Formerly English Language Learners)
Focus on the unique needs of Multilingual Learners and recommend statewide policies and NJPSA activities that enhance the quality of instruction for this special population.
Staff Liaison: Mary Reece
Retirement Committee
Focus on the needs of our retired membership and explore issues associated with pensions and health benefits.
Staff Liaison: Robert Murphy
Special Education Committee
Responsive to the professional needs of special educators and students, this committee will provide a platform for sharing ideas around current issues in special education.
Staff Liaisons: Peg McDonald, John Worthington
Supervisors Committee
Focus on the unique role of supervisors, best practices in curriculum design and implementation, evaluation, updates on code revisions, and serving as a critical resource in revision of code and learning standards.
Staff Liaisons: Debra Bradley, Emil Carafa
Women in Leadership Committee
Designed to connect, support, and empower women in leadership across the state.
Staff Liaisons: Adele Macula, Kathy McCormick

How To Join an NJPSA Committee

To join a committee, log into your NJPSA account.  After logging in, hover your mouse over the Members Only navigation item, and click NJPSA Leadership Connection & NJPSA Committees.


Within the NJPSA Leadership Connection are all NJPSA Committees. To view all committees, change the list from My Groups to Active Groups.

Click on the title of a committee to open the committee group.  Once you are in the group, click the Ask to Join button to send us a request to join the committee.

Once your request to join has been approved, you will receive an email from NJPSA that your request has been fulfilled.

In addition to joining committees, the new NJPSA Leadership Connection provides a secure online forum with your committee members and NJPSA members to keep the conversation going.