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TMI and LEGAL ONE are proud to offer the Spotlight on Education Law Series, a comprehensive collection of mini-courses. Designed specifically for the time-deprived school leader, the Spotlight on Education Law Se-ries consists of an ever-evolving library of one hour information-packed webinars on the most current educational law topics, issues and related developments. Therefore, engagement in the series will better guide and equip the education professional to make the most informed decisions in daily practice.
How do I access the Spotlight on Education Law Series Mini-Courses?

The Spotlight on Education Law Series mini-courses can be accessed individually ($40/mini-course), or you can keep up with the law by subscribing to our discounted annual subscrip-tion ($330; 11 mini-courses).

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Spotlight on Education Law Series: 2021-2022

The following provides the complete collection of 2020-2021 Spotlight on Education Law Se-ries mini-courses.

• Addressing HIB in Turbulent Times What Every ABS Needs to Know

• Developing Support Plans for At Risk Students

• Implicit Bias, Disproportionality and the Law

• Evaluating the Role of the SRO and School Security Personnel

• The Legal Ethics of Internal Investigations

• Gifted Education in New Jersey – The Strengthening Gifted Education Act

• Addressing Conduct Away from School Grounds for Students and Staff

• Bringing It All Together A Systemic Approach to Student Safety

• Human Resources: New Requirements, Best Practices and the Law

• You Can’t Make This #$%^& Up! – School Law Horror Stories and Lessons to Be Learned

• Legal Issues in Student and Staff Health

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• Individual Mini-Courses: $40
• 2021-2022 Annual Subscription: $330 (11 mini-courses; $110 discount!) | 888.864.6364, ext. 1 |