Lift the Next Generation of Leaders

Take a moment right now and think about someone in your school or district who exudes limitless leadership ability, is primed for growth, and is looking for an opportunity to take their talent to the next level. I mean, Talk About Potential, right? Now is the time to TAP that special person on the shoulder and say, “I’m tapping you for something bigger.”

Welcome to TAP, an innovative program by NJPSA designed to ignite leadership potential within schools and districts across New Jersey. This dynamic initiative encourages and empowers school leaders of all levels to recognize, nurture, and propel the potential of their colleagues and themselves. TAP invites you to take an active role in fostering growth, advancement, and excellence within the educational landscape. Here’s how you can maximize your impact:

TAP the Leader You See in Your School or District

1. TAP a principal, supervisor, assistant principal, director, teacher, counselor, nurse, or other professional whose potential shines brightly and encourage them to aim for larger roles, supporting their growth and aspirations.

  • Tell them how to enroll in NJEXCEL for principal or other certifications that are critical for their leadership journey.
  • Empower them to sign up for Aspiring Leader membership to access a wealth of networking and learning opportunities.

2. TAP into NJPSA Engagement and Leadership. Broaden aspiring leaders’ horizons and help them network, collaborate, enhance their professional learning, and develop an understanding of the impact of school leaders.

  • Participate in NJPSA Committees to contribute to enriching discussions and shaping education on a statewide scale.
  • Post and respond on Leadership Connection to broaden vital conversations and exchange ideas and insights with peers across New Jersey.

3. TAP into your own potential and bring along your leadership colleagues. To do this…

  • Join the NJPSA Council and become a leader within your membership organization to influence positive change.
  • Take a stand for what matters and advocate for or against pending legislation, impacting the rules that guide educational practice.
  • Celebrate excellence by nominating yourself or a colleague for the prestigious NJPSA Visionary Leadership Awards, recognizing exceptional leadership in education.
  • Share your knowledge and experiences by writing an article for Educational Viewpoints, shaping perspectives and inspiring others.

Join the TAP Movement

At NJPSA, we believe in the power of potential. Through the TAP program, we aim to create a community of empowered leaders driving positive change in education. Join us in elevating leadership, fostering growth, and unlocking the full potential of our educational landscape.

Let’s TAP into the future of education together! Be on the lookout for any NJPSA/FEA email that includes the TAP logo. This is your signal to forward it directly to a colleague as a virtual TAP on the shoulder to say, “I believe in you and your potential.”