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NJPSA/FEA Employment Openings and Opportunities

Salesforce Administrator & Systems Analyst

Full-time/Permanent Position

NJPSA is currently migrating from our current AMS to Fonteva, an AMS built on Salesforce. Salesforce will be the center of NJPSA’s members and customers hub and will become integral to many of our business workflows. As a Salesforce Administrator, you will work in a constantly evolving environment. Under the direction of the Director of Technology, you will work to ensure the optimal performance of our Salesforce CRM ecosystem and related products in use. You will help manage the platform including managing and importing customer data, roles & profiles, access permissions, workflows, and overall system integrity. You will help develop meaningful reports and dashboards that yield insights for our staff and executive team. You will also assist NJPSA staff with training on how to effectively use the platform, increasing adoption and use for all things customer related. Following the transition to Fonteva, the Salesforce Administrator will work to ensure NJPSA’s growth within the Salesforce environment.

This is a hybrid position and requires in office presence at least 3 times per a week (subject to change).

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Under the direction of the Director of Information Technology:
    • Implement and modify Salesforce administrative configurations
    • Add or modify objects, fields, record types, and picklist values
    • Update key customer data and manage customer identifiers in use with other key systems (i.e. Path LMS)
    • Complete data imports via Data Loader or similar tools
    • Create and update reports and dashboards to draw meaningful insights from data
    • Implement apps and integrations with other external systems and platforms as required
    • Develop workflows via Salesforce Flow or other automation tools including migrating Process Builder flows to Salesforce Flow
    • Performing database maintenance tasks, including diagnostic tests, duplicate entry cleansing, alignment of fields and data in accordance with good master data management principles, and cleaning up/archiving of outdated or unused reports, fields, records, and picklist values
    • Create or modify page layouts to achieve as friendly a user experience as possible
    • Refresh sandbox environments and update integration parameters as needed to ensure linkage with correct development/test environments is maintained
    • Monitor the integrity of key revenue, customer, and pipeline data and resolve integrity issues as required
    • Manage the Salesforce support and Salesforce release management ticket queues in accordance with priority and due dates
  • Responsible for delivering our overall Salesforce support process, including troubleshooting user issues, making configuration changes, and routing people to the appropriate support and training resources
  • Assist staff with basic Salesforce training & support tasks, documenting how-to guides and training videos when required and building on our knowledge base library
  • Coordinate the Salesforce release management cycle, including promoting code and configurations between environments, notifying users of scheduled upgrades, coordinating, and tracking testing activities, and tracking reported issues through resolution
  • Responsible for updating and maintaining Salesforce and Fonteva SOP documentation
  • Assist with provisioning of licenses, permissions, profiles, roles, and groups for Salesforce and related applications including Communities/Experience Cloud, Fonteva, and other managed applications
  • Periodically review security configurations and settings to achieve optimal security controls to keep the platform and critical data secure
  • Responsible for completing Salesforce backups to ensure critical data and metadata is appropriately backed up on a regular basis
  • Monitor system and integration logs and resolve identified errors
  • Begin modeling the NJPSA/FEA data warehouse and identify partner(s) to assist in its construction and development.
  • Fulfill all other responsibilities as assigned by the Director of Information Technology.

Qualifications and Skills

  • 3-5 years of Salesforce administration experience.
  • Salesforce Administrator or Advanced Administrator Certification required
  • Bachelor degree in field preferred
  • Knowledge of Salesforce Sales Cloud required
  • Knowledge of other Salesforce products such as Apex and Communities/Experience Cloud preferred
  • Experience in integration platforms a plus
  • Experience working with automated databases, including Tableau a plus.
  • Experience in leading Salesforce end-user training
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to work under pressure, meet deadlines, and work on multiple projects simultaneously
  • Ability to balance time, load, and commitments in a global, multi-time zone environment
  • Ability to work independently, collaboratively, and directed

Please send resume and cover letter to:     Please put “Salesforce Admin/Analyst” in the subject line.