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Arts Integration User Guide


2022 Arts Integration Leadership Keynote Presenters’ Materials:


  • Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz:

Keynote Powerpoint

Keynote Video

  • James Wells

Keynote Powerpoint

Keynote Video

2022 Arts Integration Leadership Institute Presenters’ Materials:

  • Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz, Storytelling for Healing

Storytelling for Healing

  •  Italy Lee – Poet

Unlike Nature by Ja’rae Lee

The Green Loop

Dreams you Left

  • Ty Gould Jacinto, Culturally Responsive Recognition of the Full Circle of Art 

Culturally Responsive Recognition of the Full Circle of Art

Letter of Commitment to Self


  • Angela Kariotis – Practicing for the Future: A Design Thinking Framework for
    Learning and Making

 Blank and Sample Culture Tree

Colorful Identity Wheel Handout

  • Sara Martino – Photography Presentation

 Photography Presentation Handout

  •  Natalie Dreyer – From Page to Puppet Stage


  • Kira Rizzuto – Planning for Impactful Social Emotional Learning and the Arts



  • JoAnn Nocera – One Pagers as a Creative Teaching Tool


One Pagers Planning Page

Nocera One Pagers Notetaking

  • George Street Playhouse – A Culturally Immersive Learning Experience


Program Developer Bios


  • Cynthia Pfirrmann – Where Does Your Stress Reside?



Gallery Walk



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