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NJPSA Legal Services - Your Safety Net

Premier Active and Organizational NJPSA members and affiliated bargaining units are eligible to receive NJPSA legal services for employment-related issues as part of their membership.* It’s your “legal insurance” to ensure your rights of due process.

In an employment environment made more uncertain by recent changes in tenure and seniority laws, as well as continuous changes in leadership, it has never been more important for you to belong to the NJPSA and have access to our legal services. The NJPSA legal team is here for you to maximize your legal protections, whether you have a matter that can be discussed in a few minutes on the phone or that results in extended litigation. NJPSA legal protection is a benefit you should never be without.

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Expert Field Services

Negotiations Teams
As contract negotiations become increasingly difficult and more boards of education turn to attorneys and labor relations specialists to represent them in negotiations, the availability of expert field services becomes increasingly important. NJPSA has expanded its field services staff and program to offer a range of services to members and affiliated bargaining units.

NJPSA field representatives are well trained and skilled in helping local districts address financial concerns, while at the same time maintaining job security and providing reasonable improvements in salaries, fringe benefits, and working conditions. Field services representatives are assigned to represent members when necessary.

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Remember, being a member of the NJPSA is your legal insurance. It ensures that you have an NJPSA attorney there with you to protect your rights.

Expert Retirement Services

Retirement planning can be daunting under the best circumstances. Understanding the benefits provided through the New Jersey Retirement System has become more complex. With assistance from our pension and health benefits specialists, you can receive expert advice to make informed decisions and plan properly for retirement.

In addition to programs and consultations, NJPSA members are eligible to schedule an individualized retirement planning appointment and receive a portfolio containing a complete set of retirement materials.

Retirement is a major step that requires a clear understanding of the complex elements of the New Jersey public pension system. NJPSA members have access to a retirement team who will provide comprehensive information regarding the retirement allowance calculation, pension options, survivor benefits, taxation of benefits, insurance, health benefits, and employment after retirement.

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Advocacy - So Your Voice Is Heard

NJPSA is YOUR voice before the U.S. Congress, State Legislature, the Governor’s Office, the State Board of Education, and other federal and state agencies on issues affecting the quality of the public education system and your professional lives. NJPSA’s Government Relations staff advocates on your behalf on proposed legislation, regulation and policies that affect our students, school leaders and the profession.

Throughout the year, the NJPSA Government Relations staff testify before, and promote member testimony before, the N.J. State Legislature, the N.J. State Board of Education, the U.S. Congress as well as taskforces and commissions. The Government Relations Department also strives to encourage member participation in the legislative process through direct meetings with lawmakers, member participation on the NJPSA Legislative Committee, the Annual NJPSA Legislative Conference and the efforts of NJPSA-PAC (the political action committee) of the association.

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Professional Learning

NJPSA and the Foundation for Educational Administration (FEA) provide members, educators, and the community with state-of-the-art professional learning opportunities on school-related issues. Through its association with the NJPSA, FEA has built a reputation in New Jersey as the pre-eminent source for professional learning programs on principal and teacher evaluation, the anti-bullying law, standards, assessment, and emerging technologies. FEA’s partnership with the NJASA to create the NJ Leadership Academy provides a year-long experience of quality, sustained, and collaborative professional learning for the state’s instructional leaders. In partnership with the NJDOE, FEA also offers the NJ EXCEL program, leading to certification for supervisor, principal, school administrator, and director of school counseling services. FEA also administers LEGAL ONE and NJ Leaders to Leaders, a comprehensive mentoring program for New Jersey’s new school leaders.

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NJPSA Star Advantage

NJPSA Star Advantage entitles all Premier Active, Organizational, Private School, and Aspiring members to one complimentary professional learning workshop!

If you are a Premier Active, Private School, Organizational, or Aspiring NJPSA member, you may choose one Star Advantage workshop (including eligible LEGAL ONE programs) per term year at no cost. Premier membership status is based on verification of current membership. Other members are not eligible for the Star Advantage Program. If you are unable to attend a program for which you have registered, call or write seven days prior to the program date to request the STAR benefit be credited back to your account.


Membership Categories

Whether you're a school administrator or serving in another capacity, NJPSA has the membership category for you.

Premier Active Membership

Premier active membership is open to any practicing New Jersey school administrator or supervisor.

Associate Membership

For those who are not practicing school administrators or supervisors, but who engage in educational pursuits.

Aspiring Leader

Open to any educator practicing in a New Jersey school district who is not currently serving in a school administrator or supervisory capacity.

Retired Membership

Retired membership is open to current members within their first year of retiring. Many services can automatically continue.

Organizational Membership

Open to any person in a school or district who provides, contributes, or promotes services to the educational community.

Private School Membership

Open to any principal, headmaster, or supervisor working full or part-time in a private school, whether secular or non-secular, who are not active members.

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