In-District Programs

Professional learning is the key to success as an educational leader. Unfortunately, many of us cannot afford to be away from our school or district even for one day to take advantage of these great learning opportunities.

What is the solution? FEA conducts in-district programs for almost every workshop offered through FEA, including LEGAL ONE. We send our trainers to your district and work with your entire administrative team so that everyone can immediately apply the techniques you learn and knowledge you gain into your schools.

Our goal is to assist you in providing a coherent professional development program that is sustained and job-embedded.  If you do not see a program that meets your needs, please contact us (Donna McInerney or Linda Walko at 609-860-1200), and we will work to provide a program tailored to your district or school’s particular needs. Please review our programs below by category. All programs are a full day, though we can customize to shorten the length of time in most cases. A few programs are two or more days.


For LEGAL ONE In-District programs, please contact Ameena Terrell at or 609-860-1200.