Are you ready to take the next big step in your career?

If you are ready to take the next big step in your career and need the appropriate certifications,NJEXCEL (EXpedited Certification for Educational Leadership) is your best bet!

What is NJEXCEL?

NJEXCEL  is an innovative state-approved program that provides alternatives to the traditional graduate coursework required for supervisor certification and the master’s degree in educational administration that has been required for principal and school administrator certification. It is a convenient, time-saving, practical and relevant program that will not only make you eligible for the job you want, but will prepare you to succeed in it.

Eligibility for all NJEXCEL Models requires, at a minimum, a master’s degree in a field related to education and more than four years of experience as a classroom teacher and/or educational specialist. NJEXCEL offers four program models that are designed to match applicants’ career goals and educational and professional experience with an expedited path to state certification for supervisor, principal, and/or school administrator.

NJEXCEL’s Cohort and Inquiry Group design develops collegiality, collaboration, and peer support as candidates engage in a range of program activities. All candidates are divided into regional Inquiry Groups, which meet regularly and continually communicate online to discuss readings, problem-based activities and day-to-day challenges, and to support each other with peer reviews and feedback related to action research, job embedded, and school-based projects. Each Inquiry Group is assigned an E-Mentor who facilitates the group’s activities and serves as its primary adviser. Cohort Advisers, Seminar Instructors, Internship Mentors, and Field Supervisors provide additional support related to program requirements and individual candidate needs through NJEXCEL’s Online Learning Community, which enables candidates and faculty to easily interact with each other as a collaborative learning community.

You can learn more about NJEXCEL by clicking any of the links below. If you already participate in NJEXCEL as an instructor, candidate, or administrator, you can login to the private section of NJEXCEL here. Please note that the pages within the private section of the NJEXCEL web site still have our former branding. We are in the process of redesigning that private web site with a new content management system and our new branding.  We hope to have that available soon.

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