Professional Learning Resource Links

School Climate for Adults: It Matters – July 11, 2018


Addressing Racial Disparities in Special Education and Discipline – May 18, 2018

COR Modules 1-5

PowerPoint – Confronting Racial Disproportionality Through Prevention – Anne Gregory, Ph.D.

English Language Learners Summit: Best Practices and Emerging Legal Issues – May 2, 2018

PowerPoint Presentations (In pdf format):

ELL Summit: Legal and Policy Panel Discussion

English Language Learners with Educational Disabilities – Lisa Capone-Steiger

Instructional Best Practices Grades PK-6

Parent/Community Involvement

Reducing Chronic Absenteeism – March 26, 2018

ACNJ powerpoint

NJDOE powerpoint

Paterson Public Schools powerpoint

Trenton Public Schools powerpoint

Your school’s most recent School Performance Report on the NJDOE website

ACNJ’s report on chronic absenteeism


NJDOE Guidance for Reporting Student Absences

English Language Learners Summit: Best Practices and Emerging Legal Issues – March 22, 2018

Dear Colleague Letter: English Learner Students and Limited English Proficient Parents

Ensuring English Learner Students Can Participate Meaningfully and Equally in Educational Programs

English Language Learners and School Enrollment – Guidance and Frequently Asked Questions

Showing Up Matters: The State of Chronic Absenteeism in New Jersey

Tools and Resources for Addressing English Learners With Disabilities

New Jersey’s Tiered System of Support – Day 3 – March 14, 2018


RAMP UP Your School Counseling Program – March 9, 2018

All Materials

Designing Quality Elementary School Schedules: A Focus on Providing Structured Time for Intervention and Enrichment – March 1, 2018



NJ Tiered System of Supports – February 26, 2018


NJ Tiered System of Supports – January 16, 2018


Effective Instructional Practice in Math- Grades 3-5 – November 14, 2017 – Presenter Judith Brendel


Effective Instructional Practice in Mathematics-Grades 6-12 – November 3, 2017 – Presenter Judith Brendel



Trends and Issues in High School Scheduling – October 5, 2017

Using PARCC Data to Improve Teaching and Learning in ELA – August 10, 2017


But WHY is This Student Struggling? Connecting the Dots Between Cognitive Abilities and Academic Achievement: Patterns of Strengths and Weaknesses – July 31, 2017

Click here for all materials.

Building Community and Reforming School Discipline through Restorative Practices in Schools – July 10, 2017


Safer and Saner Schools

The Role of Social & Emotional Learning

NJDOE PowerPoint

Brunn Discipline Handouts

Brunn Keynote

Differentiate Instruction: Middle/High School Mathematics – May 1, 2017


Designing Quality Elementary School Schedules


Immigrant Students and School Enrollment – DOE Webinar

ELL Webinar March 29, 2017 NJDOE and FEA PowerPoint

De-escalating Class Conflict – March 3, 2017


Addressing the Root Causes of Disparities in School Discipline

Home School Partnerships Toolkit

IS3 Toolkit 2 – Addressing Discipline

Oakland Unified School District Restorative Justice Implementation Guide

Syracuse Code of Conduct


Create PARCC-Like Assessments (Algebra I and II and Geometry) – February 14, 2017

Links to Math Assessment Resources

Algebra Form

Algebra Sample Questions

Geometry Form

Grade 11 Sample Text

Grade 8 Math Graph

Grade 9 Create Assessment (update)


Create PARCC-Like Assessments – Mathematics (Grades 6-8) –
January 30, 2017


K-12 Mathematics Crosswalk

Blank PARCC Test 14pt Fractions

Blank PARCC Test Template

Sample PARCC Test 14pt Fractions

Grade 4 Evidence Statement Analysis

Practice Test Answer and Alignment Document – Mathematics: Grade 6 Paper and Pencil Test

Practice Test Answer and Alignment Document – Mathematics: Grade 7 Paper and Pencil Test

Practice Test Answer and Alignment Document – Mathematics: Grade 8 Paper and Pencil Test

MP PARCC Sample Items Grades 6, 7, 8

NY Grade 6 Common Core Math Test – Released Questions – Spring 2015

NY Grade 7 Common Core Math Test – Released Questions – July 2015

NY Grade 8 Common Core Math Test – Released Questions – July 2015


Transformational Leadership: using Assessment Data to Guide Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Learning Decisions – January 26, 2017



Maximizing Essential Math Skills and Concepts for Students with Disabilities and Struggling Learners – January 18, 2017


Supplemental Handouts


Reducing Racial Disparities in Discipline Through Transformative Action for Equity – January 9, 2017


Restorative Practices: Fostering Healthy Relationships & Promoting Positive Discipline in Schools

Restorative Practices Whole-School Implementation Guide

Creating Safe Passage

Fix School Discipline


Create PARCC-Like Assessments (3-5) – December 13, 2016


Blank PARCC Test Form

Sample PARCC Test Form

Performance-Based Task C


The New Jersey Tiered System of Supports: Establishing the NJTSS Foundation (Day 2) – December 6, 2016

Using Data for Decision Making in the NJTSS Model

Building a Positive School Climate

Family Engagement


School Leadership Program Project Directors’ Meeting – November 9 & 10, 2016


Welcome by Venitia Richardson, Director, Teacher Quality Programs, US Department of Education

Keynote Presentation – Follow the Leaders: Studying Impact of Innovative Principal Preparation Matt Clifford, Principal Research Scientist, American Institutes for Research

Keynote Presentation – Principals as CEOs — Vision Versus Management – Stephanie J. Hull, Vice President/Chief Operating Officer, The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation

Legislative Update – Goodbye NCLB, Hello ESSA: What the New Federal Law Means for School Leadership – Zachary Scott, Manager of Advocacy, NASSP

Wednesday Keynote Presentation – Matt Clifford, Principal Research Scientist, American Institutes for Research


Policy Brief

Wednesday, Session II – Delta School Leadership Pipeline


Wednesday, Session III – Measuring Success: How the Professional Mentorship Program (PMP) of Project LEADER at Universidad Del Este in Puerto Rico Is Making Inroads


PMP tools

Wednesday, Session IV – Evaluation Design to Inform the Quality and Growth of Leaders as Learners


Wednesday, Session V – FEA’s Non-Traditional Principal Preparation and Mentoring/Induction Programs


Wednesday, Session VI – Getting the Right People on the Bus


Wednesday, Session VII – Building Leadership Capacity in Rural West Virginia


Thursday, Opening Remarks – Margarita Meléndez, Education Program Specialist, US Department of Education


Principals as CEOs—Vision Versus Management

California State University Dominguez Hills’ School Leadership Grant

SLP Comparison Chart

Thursday Legislative Update – Zachary Scott, Manager of Advocacy, NASSP


Submit Your Proposal for the 2017 National Principals Conference

Thursday, Session I – Is the Full-Time/Full-Semester Internship a Promising and Replicable Strategy for All Principal Programs to Consider?


Video: A Bold Move to Better Prepare Principals: The Illinois Story

Thursday, Session 2 – Leading to Learn


Thursday, Session 3 – Growing the University/Public School Partnership


Thursday, Session 4 – The New Teacher Project (NJ)



Transform Your School Through Mindfulness – November 2, 2016



Special Services Director’s Toolkit – November 1, 2016


I Have PARCC Math Data What Can I Do Now? (Algebra I and II and Geometry) – October 25, 2016


Match Your Partner’s Answer – Handouts

Group Brainstorming


Imagine! – FEA/NJPSA/NJASCD Fall Conference – October 20-21, 2016

Thursday, Session I

Math in Action: Engagement, Differentiation, and Success for All (6-12) – Judith T. Brendel

Racial Disparities in School Discipline and K-8 Teacher Professional Development – Anne Gregory, Ph.D.

Shift Happens: Students, Not Teachers Ask the Questions that Drive Engaged Learning – Monmouth 3 – Barbara Mammen

Thursday, Session II

How to Turn Around Troubled Schools and Accelerate the College Completion Rate for all Students via Whole Child Approaches and Social-Emotional and Character Development – Maurice J. Elias, Ph.D.


Building Teacher Capacity Using Feedback to Strengthen Practice – Our Role as Curricularist  – Farrah Mahan, Violeta Katsikis, Scott Goldthorp, & Michelle Smith

Thursday, Session III

The New Jersey Tiered System of Supports – Peggy McDonald


Engineering: A New Partnership Model for Dual Credit and STEM Education – Shari Castelli & Patrick Enright


NGSS Shifts and “Look-Fors” for Science Observations for the Non-Science Administrator – Kim Feltre

Friday, Session I

Six Essentials for Planning Lessons to Address New Jersey’s Student Learning Standards – Jay Dugan Ed.D.


What is Social-Emotional Learning and What Does It Look Like in My School? – Lee McDonald


Friday, Session II

Elementary Principals: Are You Ready for the Next Generation Science Standards? – Kristen Higgins & Sara Pauch


Addressing the Needs of ELLs – May Fermin-Cannon & Sandra Nunes


Closing the Achievement Gap While Accessing the NJ Standards with ELLs – Michelle Land & Noreen Drucker


Friday, Session III

Imagine a Plan for Gifted and Talented Education that Works! – Patti Coughlan & Mary Mavroudas




The New Jersey Tiered System of Supports: Introduction and Overview of the Nine Essential Components (Day 1) – October 18, 2016


NJTSS Website

UDL Website

NJTSS Presentation

RTI Presentation


Using PARCC Data To Improve Teaching and Learning in ELA – September 29, 2016


I Have PARCC Math Data. What Can I Do Now? (6-8) – September 23, 2016


I Have PARCC Math Data: What Can I Do Now? (3-5) – September 22, 2016


Transform Your School Through Mindfulness – August 15 & 22, 2016

Math: Analyzing PARCC Data – Elementary Grades –  Glassboro, June 21, 2016

Bridgeton – Grade 7-8 Math Teachers – May 20, 2016

Bridgeton – Grade 6 Math, Chapter 12 Data and Statistics – April 29, 2016

Power Point
Exit Ticket. Mid-Module Test End-Module Test engageNY
Form Blank for PARCC-Like Assessment
Standards. Go Math. Chapters 1-12 Grade 6 P.S.
PARCC Released Items Data and Stats Gr. 6


Common Core and PARCC I (NJ EXCEL) – April 30, May 7, October 22 & 29, 2016

PARCC 2015 Roster – Math
Grade 3 Assessment 2015

Grades 7 & 8 Math Work Session – Bridgeton, March 24 , 2016