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As you begin your career in educational administration, NJPSA is here for you through FEA’s Leaders-to-Leaders program to make sure you receive the mentorship and guidance you need to launch your successful career.

New Jersey Leaders to Leaders (NJL2L) is the sole state-approved comprehensive mentoring and induction program for new school leaders that provides trained mentors and a range of continuing professional development programs and services to support new school leaders in the successful completion of the state-required two-year Residency for Standard Principal Certification. NJL2L provides intensive and sustained mentoring support for new school leaders and develops a professional network among mentors and residents as they begin to face the complexity of their new roles. Mentoring consists of school visits, observations, one-on-one conferences, and Peer Support Group meetings that provide an opportunity for “team mentoring” where mentors and residents from different districts get together to  network, discuss their experiences, and provide collegial support. Residents plan and complete a job-embedded Action Research Project that addresses identified barriers to effective teaching and learning in their district. It is assessed by the mentor and shared with other residents in the Peer Support Group.

NJL2L mentors are trained and state approved. Mentors are selected based on their records as accomplished school leaders and practitioners in a range of school and district leadership positions. Mentors are paired with residents based on the most suitable match of each mentor’s administrative experience and expertise, and the particular circumstances of each resident’s position. We do everything we can to make sure that this is a good partnership for both you and your mentor.

NJL2L State-Required Residency

1. The school leader has earned a Certificate for Eligibility for principal and is hired as a principal, vice/assistant principal, director, or assistant director.

2. The school leader begins a two-year residency.

3. The NJDOE issues the school leader a two-year Provisional Certification for the term of the residency.

4. The school leader is assessed by a state-approved mentor who recommends him/her for Standard Principal Certification upon successful completion of the residency.

You can learn more about NJL2L by clicking any of the links below. If you already participate in NJL2L as a resident, mentor, or administrator, you can login to the private section of NJL2L here. Please note that the pages within the private section of the NJL2L web site still have our former branding. We are in the process of redesigning that private web site with a new content management system and our new branding.  We hope to have that available soon.

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