Here is a look at what some of our NJPSA are doing during this time of Distance Learning. Please send photos and videos to Dan Higgins, NJPSA Director of Strategic Communications at and we will post them here:

  1. Shannon Smith, principal of Brackman Middle School in Barnegat, raps to the Fresh Prince (ipal).


2. Skye Sardanopoli, Vice Principal of Riverview Elementary School in Denville, keeps it moving. On Mondays, students go to the All Purpose Room and stretch, exercise, and participate in movement-based learning with the school Vice Principal. Throughout the day, teachers plan additional movement-based learning activities and everyone wears comfortable school gear to show their spirit and get ready to move. This week, they did all of that… virtually! She recorded a video of a quick warm-up to start their day (link below), shared a message in each of their Google classrooms reminding them to wear their comfortable Riverview gear, and get moving.

Movement Monday Video


3. Danielle Holter, Assistant Principal /Director of Curriculum and Instruction for Spring Lake Heights School District suggests following her hashtag #SLHeightsAtHome on Twitter  where she has posted numerous ideas to keep schools and communities connected while maintaining a safe physical distance.
4. Rob Camean, Principal of Salem Drive School in Whippany, shared  these morning message videos: