NJL2L District Registration Information

District Registration

School districts (hereafter, District) are required to register all individuals for the NJL2L Program who are newly hired into positions that require New Jersey Principal Certification (i.e. principal, vice/assistant principal, director, assistant director). These individuals must hold a Certificate of Eligibility for Principal and must complete the State-required two-year Residency for Standard Principal Certification.

NOTE: A Current Job Description Must Be Provided at the Time of Registration along with the Statement of Assurance (attached), and Board of Education Minutes/Resolution prior to the Resident assignment with a Mentor.

The hiring district must register each new school leader online at www.NJL2L.org and complete all required information for the online registration to be submitted. The District is responsible for the completeness and accuracy of all information. Upon submission, confirmation notice and a copy of the online District Registration Form are sent electronically to:

  • the District employee who submitted the District Registration Form to confirm receipt of registration and accuracy of all information;
  • the new school leader who was registered (hereafter, Resident) to confirm receipt of registration and check accuracy of all information; and
  • the New Jersey Department of Education (hereafter, NJDOE) for notification of District registration; and
  • the Foundation for Educational Administration (FEA/NJL2L Program (hereafter NJL2L) to begin the pairing process for Residents and mentors.

District Registration Information

District Registration Form for NJL2L Resident


Registration Fee

Residents are responsible for payment of $850 (as of July 1, 2019) for the NJL2L registration fees in accordance with district policies and contracts. The two-year administrative fee of $850 must be paid in full before the Residency may begin.

Download and complete the Payment Form for Payment by Credit or pay by check made out to FEA and submitted to:

FEA, 12 Centre Drive, Monroe Township, NJ 08831-1564
Fax: 609-860-6677; Phone: 609-860-1200

Please attach check or Payment by Credit Card Form when submitting your resident documents.

Mentor Stipends

Residents are responsible to pay their mentors directly. The fee for registration into NJL2L and the mentoring fee should be payable in the following manner

  • $1,500 The mentor stipend must be paid by the resident to the mentor by the end of the 10th month
  • $1,000 The mentor stipend must be paid by the resident to the mentor by the end of the 24th month

Please contact the NJL2L coordinator at 609-860-1200 or njl2l@njpsa.org should you have any questions concerning enrolling new administrators in the NJL2L program.