Resident Orientation Registration

NJL2L conducts ongoing Resident Orientations. Residents are required to attend the Resident Orientation to obtain and discuss important information regarding State requirements for the Residency. Mentors are invited but are only required to attend one resident orientation. Mentors who plan to attend must also register online for the Orientation.

Orientations are scheduled for 3 hours on weeknights and during daytime hours. Orientations are held at FEA/NJPSA.

The Residency will begin following the Resident’s payment of the Administrative Fee ($850) and attendance at the required NJL2L Resident Orientation, and the Mentor’s submission of the Resident’s resume and the five State-required documents with required signatures.

Click here to register online.

As a note: The Orientation will only be available once accepted into the NJL2L program. Please reach out directly to N if you have any further questions regarding the process.