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It’s not easy being a school administrator these days. It seems that every year, the rules change, protocol is different, and expectations soar. There is so much you need to learn about the legal ramifications of student and employee behavior and the guidelines you must set in place. Every day presents a new challenge, and you never know what you will hear when you answer the office phone or what you will see when you walk the halls. The question is, “Are you prepared to handle it?” This is where NJPSA can help, with FEA’s LEGAL ONE program. LEGAL ONE (Law, Ethics, and Governance for All Leaders, including an Overview of New and Emerging Issues) is the leading provider of school law training for educators, offering a comprehensive array of live and online courses for administrators on a multitude of critical issues including tenure and evaluation, bullying, special education, affirmative action, student safety, and many others. LEGAL ONE uses a comprehensive, standards-based curriculum developed, implemented, and refined over many years by experienced education law attorneys, the leading state university, and the premier provider of online professional development in New Jersey.

The curriculum includes professionally produced, high quality video scenarios that allow school leaders to apply key concepts in school law, ethics and governance to real world situations; video commentaries by education law attorneys for each scenario that provide an easy-to-understand analysis of the law; interactive in-person instruction from at least two attorneys for each session; and materials that assist district leaders in leading their own follow up discussions with school leaders and teachers and help guide districts in taking follow up steps, including revising district policies and procedures. Originally formed in 2009 in response to the state requirement for all New Jersey school leaders to complete 12 hours of training in school law, ethics, and governance by June 30, 2013, LEGAL ONE continues to provide the courses and training sessions that administrators need to fulfill their duties most effectively and to comply with the new laws that require every school administrator to complete professional development in school law, ethics and/or governance every year. The training must be aligned to the professional development plan for the individual administrator. For new administrators, LEGAL ONE recommends the completion of 12 hours of training on school law, ethics and governance.

Our LEGAL ONE team has also analyzed recent court decisions, which may affect you and your school district. Still not sure about LEGAL ONE? Read these testimonials from some of your colleagues who agree that, whether you take your courses online, in-person, or in-district, LEGAL ONE is by far the best legal training any school leader can experience. Take a look at the FEA and LEGAL ONE professional development calendar and review the many courses that you can take to help you handle any legal issue. Better still, call the FEA office at 609-860-1200 and ask about our in-district programs. Our LEGAL ONE staff will go to your district and train your whole team at your convenience.