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LEGAL ONE is the leading provider of education law workshops, online courses, and webinars for school leaders and teachers on critical legal issues. We can also provide you and your entire team in-district training on any school law matter. Contact Ameena Terrell at or 609-860-1200 for more details.

Below are links to legal information that can be helpful to you, as well as links to the outstanding legal professional learning opportunities, separated by category, that we offer at the FEA Conference Center, at a number of satellite locations throughout the state, or online. Please note that you do not have to be a member of NJPSA to attend our workshops. Everyone is welcome to participate and take advantage of our outstanding professional learning opportunities. However, each attendee must create an account and register individually.

SPECIAL MESSAGE: Online Learning with FEA and LEGAL ONE

New, Rescheduled, and Existing Online Learning Opportunities

Educational leaders throughout the state are continuing to do a phenomenal job through the Coronavirus crisis of keeping the learning moving forward and developing creative ways to reach students and families.

While we do not know how long our school buildings will be closed, we do know that online distance learning is an effective tool, and we will be using these technologies more often in the future. As we move into this new era, your own professional learning is a powerful tool in strengthening your capacity to address emergent and ongoing needs. Therefore, we will continue to offer exceptional FEA and LEGAL ONE sessions through Zoom and GoToWebinar on the topics you need at this critical time. Thank you again for your outstanding dedication and leadership. Below is a link to our lineup of NJPSA and FEA online learning programs.

Online Learning with FEA and LEGAL ONE

LEGAL ONE Workshop Locations

Most LEGAL ONE workshops are offered at the FEA Conference Center. Others are held at satellite locations throughout the state.  Click on the link below to find a session at a satellite location nearer to you.

New workshops will be added throughout the year, so be sure to check this web page for our latest legal professional learning offerings. Call 609-860-1200 for more information.