Retirement Services and Resources

Retirement planning can be daunting, and in order to alleviate the uncertainty and stress and make the best personal decisions at the right time, NJPSA members can count on the expertise of the Retirement and Benefits Department to provide a clear understanding of the complex elements of the New Jersey public pension system. The department will also communicate to members the ramifications of recent changes to the pension system for public employees.

NJPSA is unique among the state principal and supervisor associations in the United States because of our retirement planning services. Members can call the NJPSA office to schedule an appointment for a one-on-one consultation with Bob Murphy, Director of Retirement and Benefit Services, to help you plan for your future or prepare for retirement within the year. In-district consultations can also be arranged for a group of three or more, and retirement workshops are held periodically at the FEA Conference Center and other locations to provide members with comprehensive information regarding the retirement allowance, pension options, survivor benefits, taxation of benefits, insurance, health benefits, and employment after retirement. NJPSA members are eligible to receive a retirement planning portfolio that includes a personalized estimate of the retirement allowance and a complete set of retirement planning materials.

Take a moment to peruse the materials on this web page and feel free to give us a call anytime. We are here to help you!

Calculate my Social Security

Retiree’s – 2017 Changes for State Dental, State Income Tax and SS/Medicare

NJPSA will hold a number of seminars this spring presented by Bob Murphy to help our members prepare for retirement:

TPAF Pension/Retirement Seminar (three dates/locations)



Special Retirement Workshop – for those under 55 with 25 years of service and considering retirement (with penalty)

Thursday, May 11, from 4 to 5:30 pm

FEA Conference Center

12 Centre Dr., Monroe, NJ 08831


Retired and Lovin’ It – For those who have retired but still have questions moving forward about MBOS, Social Security, Medicare, and working (but not too much)

May 12, from 10 am to noon

FEA Conference Center

12 Centre Dr.. Monroe, NJ 08831

Cost for each seminar is free, but you must register.

Retirement Survival Guide

For your convenience, Bob Murphy has put together a survivor’s guide of items that will be helpful as you prepare for your retirement. The materials in this guide include fact sheets, TPAF Life Insurance information, a list of vital documents you will need, and other important information that will help you and your family.

Death Notification Checklist

Health Benefits Fact Sheet

Life-TPAF Certificate of Insurance

Location of Vital Documents

Location of Vital Documents 2

Location of Vital Documents 3

Monthly Budget

Organizations You or Your Spouse Wish to be Notified

Record of Benefits in Case of Death

Reporting of a Death Fact Sheet

Survivor Information


Retirement Webinars

If you have questions about your upcoming retirement, you may find the answers in one of these PowerPoints, developed by Bob Murphy for his retirement presentations to NJPSA members.

Retirement Planning

Retirement Health Benefits

Employment After Retirement


Additional Helpful Resources

Below are links to government and health care websites that you may find useful during and as you plan for your retirement:

Division of Pensions

Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Aetna and Aetna Dental

Social Security


Medco – Express Scripts

Internal Revenue Service