2019 Has Kicked off With the First State Board Meeting of the Year

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2019 has kicked off with the first State Board meeting of the year. On January 2, 2019, the State Board convened with President Arcelio Aponte welcoming 2019, as he indicated that he expects this new year to be every bit as interesting as 2018, perhaps even more so, and pledging that the Board will continue to try to improve public education in the state of New Jersey.

Two Resolutions were presented: the first to honor the life and memory of Anne S. Dillman, who served on the NJ State Board of Education for 30 years, was presented to Ms. Dillman’s family. The second Resolution proposed and accepted by the State Board was to recognize January 2019 “School Boards Recognition Month” as a way to acknowledge the contributions from local Boards of Education who tirelessly work to encourage academic success from students.

Confirmation of two new members of the State Board of Examiners were recommended and approved by the Board: Ms. Thelma Ramsey, Principal, East Orange School District; and Ms. Suzana Roque Zeitz, Teacher, Woodbridge School District.

Permanent Student Representative, Nora Faverzani, focused her presentation to the Board this month on the rising rate of “vaping” (or electronic cigarette) consumption among students and on school grounds. Because one jewel pod has the same amount of nicotine as 20 analog cigarettes, and vapes are small, concealable, and do not leave a strong odor, this dangerous trend is rapidly spreading. Ms. Faverzani urged awareness of the emergent need to combat this epidemic. 

The NJDOE’s Division of Academics and Performance presented updates to the State Board regarding Standards and Assessments. Available here: Division of Academics & Performance Update

Public testimony followed the meeting and included testimony on Fiscal Accountability, Efficiency and Budgeting Procedures; Evaluation of the Performance of School Districts; and Open Topic.

*There is no public testimony session scheduled for next month.  For questions, concerns, or more information, visit the DOE website:  http://www.state.nj.us/education