ACTION ALERT! Contact Senate President To Urge He Post the Pens Constitutional Amendment

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On Monday, NJPSA members joined hundreds of public employees for a Lobby Day at the State House in Trenton. Our goal was to advocate for the posting and passage of a proposed constitutional amendment, SCR-2 (Sweeney), which calls for quarterly State pension payments and the clear establishment of enforceable pension rights for public employees.  Our voices were loud and strong!   Yet, Senate President Steve Sweeney did not post the bill for a vote that day.  We need your voice to get the bill posted and voted on August 8!
The Senate President voiced concern over the lack of resolution on the issue of financing the Transportation Trust Fund, arguing it precludes movement on the pension amendment, since the State must be sure to have the necessary funds to meet its pension obligations moving forward. Our response is that the pension amendment is a separate issue and a long-ignored obligation of the State. We urge that the amendment be posted for a vote in the Senate in order to let New Jersey voters decide on the merits of the amendment.
In order for SCR-2 (Sweeney) to be included in the November ballot this fall, it must be passed by the State Senate by Monday August 8th. The Senate did pass this proposed constitutional amendment in January as the first step of its approval process. The Assembly has already passed the amendment twice as required by our State Constitution. The Senate’s passage of the amendment at this time is the final “process” hurdle the legislation must pass before it is on the November ballot.
1. Call Senate President Steve Sweeney and the Senate Majority Office to urge the Senate President to post SCR-2 for a vote this Thursday, August 4th.
  • Senator Sweeney’s District Office: (856) 251-9801
  • Senate Majority Office: (609) 847-3700
Your Message:
  • Identify yourself as an educator, NJPSA member and public employee.
  • Respectfully ask the Senate President to keep his commitment to public employees by posting SCR-2 for a vote this Thursday, August 4th.
  • Thank the staff members who take your call for passing along your message.
2. Call your local Senator to ask him/her to urge the Senate President to post SCR-2 for a vote on Thursday. Urge your Senator to vote “YES” on SCR-2.
 Thank you! NJPSA Government Relations Department will keep you advised of all future developments on this critical issue.