During Marathon Meeting, the State Department of Education Undertook NJGPA Cut Scores, 2021-2022 School Performance Reports, the Early Childhood Landscape in the State, and Proposed Revisions to the NJSLS in ELA and Math

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During a seven hour State Department of Education meeting, the New Jersey Department of Education presented an analysis of last year’s New Jersey Graduation Proficiency Assessment (NJGPA) scores to the Board.  The data presented by the Department showed that, using the State Board’s recommended cut score of 750, 39% of high school juniors who took the test last spring passed the ELA portion of the test, and 50% passed the math portion.  Under legislation signed into law by Governor Murphy last July, the NJGPA was administered as a field test for the class of 2023. The Department presented further data analysis that showed if the cut score had been 725, as was originally recommended by the NJDOE, 81% of those students would have passed the ELA portion of the test and 57% would have passed math. The Department’s presentation sparked a spirited discussion among the State Board members, with the Board split between the risk that lowering the cut score would equate to lowering standards, and the adverse impacts keeping the score at 750 could have on students and their chances of graduating. After a lengthy discussion, the State Board ultimately did not vote on the Resolution to lower the cut score from 750 to 725. 


The New Jersey Board of Education undertook a number of other agenda items at their monthly meeting on Wednesday. The Board heard proposed revisions to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards in English language arts (ELA) and Mathematics.  The NJDOE Division of Teaching and Learning presented overviews of the Proposed 2023 New Jersey Student Learning Standards for Mathematics and English Language Arts (ELA). The Board received an update of the New Jersey Amistad Commission, with a presentation on the Commission’s past Accomplishments from 2013 – 2021, as well as its priorities for 2023. The Board heard from the NJDOE Division of Early Childhood Services, Office of Preschool Education, on the Early Childhood Landscape in New Jersey. The Department presented on the current and future focus of preschool education, and professional development for preschool educators. The State Board also received a presentation on the 2021-2022 School Performance Reports and Graduation Data. When releasing the School Performance Reports, Department officials conceded that the data shows struggles among students academically, socially and behaviorally, however, cautioned that these statistics may be skewed by lingering effects of the pandemic. 


The Board also took action on Chapter 9, the part of the Code that addresses Preparation, Licensure, and Professional Development of Educators, and also contains the Professional Standards for Teachers and School Leaders. The Office of Recruitment, Preparation and Certification Division of Field Support and Services presented to the State Board at Adoption level, Readoptions with Amendments and New Rules for Chapter 9, Professional Standards

Chapter 9A, New Jersey Educator Preparation Programs Chapter 9B, State Board of Examiners and Chapter 9C, Professional Development. 


Opportunities for Public Input

The State Board of Education will hold three regional public hearings to receive comments on the draft revisions to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics. Members of the public are invited to participate in the hearings by registering to speak by visiting the following website at https://homeroom5.doe.state.nj.us/events/ or by calling the Office of the State Board of Education at 609-376-9071. There is a two-week timeframe to register to testify on the revised Standards. Registration to testify at any of the three hearings will open on March 27, 2023, and close at 12:00 P.M., Noon, on April 10, 2023. Please contact the Office of the State Board of Education at 609-376-9071 for questions.


The New Jersey State Board of Education will accept written testimony on the Religious Holidays Calendar Resolution for 2023-2024 school year. Members of the public wishing to provide feedback may send comments to: Stateboardoffice@doe.nj.gov.


If you have any questions about the State Board of Education’s monthly meeting, or any of the agenda items, please contact your NJPSA Government Relations team at dbradley@njpsa.org or jlamon@njpsa.org. Thank you for your ongoing support and advocacy!