Elected Officials Want to Hear Your Thoughts on Consolidation Regionalization and the Expanded Role of the County Superintendent!

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On Thursday October 26 2006 the Joint Legislative Committee on Government Consolidation and Shared Services will hold a public meeting at the Bordentown Township Senior Community Center in Bordentown Township at 7:00pm.

Just last week the Joint Committee discussed several changes to New Jersey’s public schools These proposals include a system of 21 county school districts appointing an “executive” county superintendent to exercise new control over local budgets and administrative expenses and mandatory consolidation or shared services.

The October 26 meeting is open to all members of the public. Anyone may testify for up to five minutes on any topic listed above or otherwise related to consolidation or shared services. NJPSA encourages you to use this opportunity to share your thoughts on these important public issues. Please feel free to inform others in your local school district about the opportunity. It would be particularly helpful if you have stories from your local school about ways you cut costs or work with other schools to save money. NJPSA presented testimony before this committee last week. Please click here to see NJPSA’s testimony [web link to John Lichtenberg testimony].

To sign up for public testimony please contact the Office of Legislative Services Joseph J. Blaney OLS Aide (609) 984-6843 or Brian McCord OLS Aide (609) 292-1596.