FEA Now State-Approved to Offer Teacher Leader Certification

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The New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association is proud to announce that its Foundation for Educational Administration has been officially selected by the New Jersey Department of Education as a state-approved provider for Teacher Leader Certification. Teachers and teacher leaders interested in pursuing teacher leader certification can choose one of two pathways to apply for certification through FEA’s New Jersey Teacher Leader Certification (NJTLC) Program

Beginning with the January 2020 cohorts, NJEXCEL candidates enrolled in Models 1, 2, and 3 who meet the NJDOE instructional certificate/experience requirements will be eligible for teacher leader endorsement (in addition to supervisor, principal, and director of school counseling services certifications) upon successful completion of the program.

In September 2020, FEA will initiate the inaugural cohort for 10-month (Sept. – June) NJTLC Program for both individual teachers and school/district cadres. Interested applicants may complete the online application now (through April 15, 2020) at www.njtlc.org. In-person (February 25, March 24, April 21, and May 11) and online Webinar (February 27, March 19, April 2, and May 5) NJTLC Information Sessions are listed on the www.njtlc.org website and interested individuals can sign up at any time!


About the NJTLC

Pursuing a Teacher Leadership role is a meaningful way for teachers to share their expertise and experiences beyond their classroom or present position and be actively involved in critical leadership roles that contribute to student and school success. The NJ Teacher Leader Certification Program (NJTLC) is designed for teachers who are excited and passionate about teaching, want to be an important contributor to their school’s future instructional goals, and are committed to ongoing professional learning – personally and professionally. NJTLC embodies teacher leadership as a powerful leadership model that promotes effective, collaborative teaching practices in schools and leads to increased student achievement, improved decision making at the school and district level, and the most transformative teaching profession for 21st century schools. 

Interested teacher leaders can choose one of two pathways to apply for certification through FEA’s NJTLC.

  • Beginning in January 2020, teachers who enroll in NJEXCEL Models 1, 2, and 3 will also be eligible for teacher leader certification upon completion of the program. 
  • Starting in September 2020, the first NJTLC cohorts will begin their 10-month certification program (Sept. to June).

Build a Leadership Pipeline Through NJTLC

District or school administrators are urged to encourage their teachers to enroll in the NJ Teacher Leader Certification Program (NJTLC). This program is a great way to build an educational leadership pipeline by expanding the leadership roles of highly qualified teachers beyond their classrooms. NJTLC is a comprehensive, 10-month program that leverages the role of the principal-as-educational-leader in an engaging, interactive, collaborative process with a small cadre of teachers from a school or district who are continually focused on high expectations and standards for school and instructional effectiveness and student achievement. The principal will serve as the mentor for the school’s cadre of teacher leaders who enroll in the NJTLC program. 

Learn more about FEA’s NJTLC program at www.njtlc.org or call 609-860-1200.