Final Answers on 215th Legislative Session As Gov Approves and Vetoes Several Measures

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While the 215th Legislature came to close the evening of January 13 the Govenor had until January 22 to either put the nail in the coffin or approve any lingering bills on his desk.  NJPSA got final answers on a handful of legislative measures yesterday.

The Rules

Under the New Jersey Constitution, the Governor has seven (7) days following the end of a two-year session to make a decision on any pending legislation.  He can either sign, veto, or pocket veto any bill presented to him at the close of a session.  A pocket veto, simply means that he did not act to sign or affirmatively veto a bill, and as such the bill by operation of law, is vetoed.

NJPSA Successes

NJPSA was successful in not garnering support for several legislative initiatives durinig the lame duck session, but also successfully halting several bills that had significant operational concerns that needed to be addressed prior to passage into law.   This chart provides a final snapshot of how schools and school leaders fared on several legislative proposals.  

215th Legislature Lame Duck Chart