Governor Signs Legislation Prohibiting Districts from Denying Students Breakfast or Lunch Due to Arrearages

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Governor Chris Christie signed legislation, A-1796 / S-2000 (O'Donnell, Jasey, Pinkin, Turner, Vitale), February 5,prohibiting school districts from denying student school breakfast or school lunch because payment is in arrears without prior notice to parent. The legislation is effective as of February 5. 

Specifically, the new law, P.L.2015, c.15,  provides that a school district must contact a student's parent or guardian to provide notice in case of a school breakfast or lunch bill being in arrears and provide him or her with 10 school days to pay the amount due.  If the parent or guardian does not make a payment within 10 school days, the district must then issue a second notice, informing the parent or guardian that meals will not be served to the student beginning one week from the date of the second notice, unless payment is made in full.

NJPSA supports this legislation.