Local Government Services Release Guidance for Districts Not in SEHBP on Pension & Benefit Changes

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The Division of Local Government Services released guidance to districts not in the School Employees Health Benefit Plan (SEHBP) July 25. The notice addresses implementation of the new law P.L.2011 c.78 for local units.

Entitled “Implementing the 2011 Pension and Benefit Reforms (P.L. 2011 c78)“. the Notice is directed to local units (municipalities counties local authorities and related public agencies) that provide health care coverage to their employees. But while it focuses on local units the content of the Notice is also consistent with other related sections for employers that are not members of a State health benefit plan such as local boards of education.

The notice also includes an extensive list of online resources. Emails concerning pension or health beneifts employer questions can also be sent to pensions.nj@treas.state.nj.us .