NJ State Board of Education Recognizes October as Principals Month

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-Jennie Lamon, Assistant Director of Government Relations 


In recognition that October is National Principals Month, the New Jersey State Board of Education unanimously passed a Resolution on Wednesday acknowledging our state’s principals for their service and commitment to New Jersey’s 1.4 million students. 


NJPSA Executive Director Karen Bingert and NJPSA Board President Dr. Michael Vinella accepted the Resolution on behalf of New Jersey’s principals. 


“I am honored to accept this wonderful recognition on behalf of all the principals across NJ who are working tirelessly so our students are safe and learning,” said Vinella. Detailing the dedication and commitment our principals bring into the building with them each and every day, Dr. Vinella expressed his unconditional respect for school building leaders in our state. “I could not be more proud of the visionary leadership and tireless pursuit of excellence that our principals bring every day to ensure that New Jersey schools continue to be recognized as the best in our great nation.”


“It is so fitting that principals are recognized today and in the month of October because one of the most critical elements of a school’s success is its leader,” said NJPSA Executive Director Karen Bingert. “Principals lead their students, staff members, and communities through the best of times and are among the very first to step up in the more challenging times.”


Sharing a glimpse into a day in the lives of principals as they work to create school environments where every child can succeed, and where educators can get the support they need, Bingert explained that principals must meet many responsibilities, and juggle many hats, including these “few” that she shared: 


Educational Leader, Planner, Chief Security, Safety, and Health Officer, Organizer, Problem-solver, First Responder, Financial Manager, Academic, Psychologist, Facilities Director, Friend, Confidante, Perpetual Cheerleader, and so much more!


And when COVID-19 hit, and we were all faced with new challenges presented by the pandemic, principals came through when it mattered most. The past eighteen months have only spotlighted that principals, while among the hardest working, are oftentimes the least recognized individuals in education. This important acknowledgement by our state Board of Education rightfully pays tribute to the essential role principals play every single day. 


The team at NJPSA are proud to represent, advocate for, and work on behalf of New Jersey’s school principals and we admiringly thank you for making New Jersey’s public schools the greatest in the nation! 


Click here to read the Resolution from the New Jersey State Board of Education. 


Dr. Michael Vinella is the proud Principal of East Brunswick High School in East Brunswick, NJ.