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2019 NJ General Assembly Elections

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An Election for all 80 seats in the New Jersey General Assembly will take place on November 5, 2019. Also on the ballot this coming November: school board member elections (select areas), municipal and county elections (select areas), a statewide ballot measure, and one State Senate seat is on the ballot in Legislative District (LD) 1.

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News and Commentary

Below are links to stories on the 2019 Election Results:

Election Results from NJ State, Local, and County Races from NJ.com

NJ, of All Places, Bucked the Democratic Trend

N.J. election 2019: ‘Murphy Midterm’ a success despite Republican gains, gov says

Murphy: Losing Democrats should have embraced him

N.J. election 2019: ‘We lost,’ top Dem says to Murphy. ‘How do you spin that?’



Michael Aron, NJTV News, provides a preview of November’s State Assembly elections

What happens if, on Election Day, a storm knocks out power. Or a ruptured gas main forces the evacuation of a polling place. Or a hostile nation creates mayhem by sending out misinformation? New Jersey county election, law enforcement and technology officials spent all day Tuesday preparing for those and a host of other potential disruptions at a conference in Princeton. (Colleen O’Dea, NJ Spotlight)

Election Resources

Register to Vote!

To register in New Jersey, you must be:

  • A United States citizen
  • At least 17 years old, though you may not vote until you have reached the age of 18
  • A resident of the county for 30 days before the election
  • A person NOT currently serving a sentence, probation or parole because of a felony conviction

Important Dates- 2019

  • Deadline to Register to Vote:  October 15, 2019 
  • Vote by Mail: Mail-In Application Deadline:  October 29, 2019 (must be received by your County Clerk by October 29, 2019).  You may also apply in person to your county clerk until 3 PM on November 4, 2019.  Find your County Election Officialshere.
  • 2019 General Election:  November 5, 2019 Polls Open from 6 AM to 8 PM

Important Resources

Statewide Ballot Measure

2019 General Election Candidates

A Note About Retiring Legislators
There are four incumbents that are not seeking reelection this year.  The four retiring Assembly members are Patricia Egan Jones (D- LD5), David Wolfe (R-LD10), Amy Handlin (R-LD13), and Michael Carroll (R-LD25).

For NJ State Senate:

LD1Bob AndrzejczakDemocratYes
LD1Mike TestaRepublican

For NJ General Assembly:

DistrictCandidate(s)PartyIncumbent?Survey Responses
LD1R. Bruce LandDemocratYes
LD1Matthew W. MilamDemocratYes
LD1Erik SimonsenRepublican
LD1Antwan McClellanRepublican
LD2Vincent MazzeoDemocratYes
LD2John ArmatoDemocratYes
LD2John W. Risley Jr.Republican
LD2Philip J. GuentherRepublican
LD3John J. BurzichelliDemocratYes
LD3Adam TaliaferroDemocratYes
LD3Beth SawyerRepublican
LD3Edward Durr Jr.Republican
LD4Paul D. MoriartyDemocratYes
LD4Gabriela M. MosqueraDemocratYes
LD4Paul E. DilksRepublican
LD4Stephen H. Pakradooni Jr.Republican
LD5William W. SpearmanDemocratYes
LD5William F. Moen Jr.Democrat
LD5Nicholas KushRepublican
LD5Kevin EhretRepublican
LD6Louis D. GreenwaldDemocratYesLouis’ Responses
LD6Pamela R. LampittDemocratYesPamela’s Responses
LD6John PapeikaRepublican
LD6Cynthia PlucinskiRepublicanCynthia's Responses
LD7Herb ConawayDemocratYes
LD7Carol MurphyDemocratYes
LD7Peter H. MillerRepublican
LD7Kathleen CooleyTrue Blue UnbossedKathleen's Responses
LD8Ryan PetersRepublicanYesRyan’s Responses
LD8Jean StanfieldRepublican
LD8Gina LaPlacaDemocrat
LD8Mark NataleDemocrat
LD8Tom Giangiulio Jr.Maga Conservative
LD9Brian E. RumpfRepublicanYes
LD9DiAnne C. GoveRepublicanYes
LD9Sarah J. CollinsDemocrat
LD9Wayne LewisDemocrat
LD10Gregory P. McGuckinRepublicanYesGreg’s Responses
LD10John CatalanoRepublicanJohn’s Responses
LD10Eileen Della VolleDemocrat
LD10Erin WheelerDemocrat
LD10Vincent R. BarrellaIntegrity Experience LeadershipVincent’s Responses
LD10Ian HolmesAddressing Systemic IssuesIan's Responses
LD11Eric HoughtalingDemocratYesEric's Responses
LD11Joann DowneyDemocratYes
LD11Michael AmorosoRepublican
LD11Matthew C. WoolleyRepublicanMatthew’s Responses
LD12Ronald S. DancerRepublicanYes
LD12Robert D. CliftonRepublicanYes
LD12David H. LandeDemocrat
LD12Malini GuhaDemocrat
LD13Serena DiMasoRepublicanYesSerena's Responses
LD13Gerard ScharfenbergerRepublican
LD13Allison FriedmanDemocrat
LD13Barbara SingerDemocrat
LD14Wayne P. DeAngeloDemocratYes
LD14Daniel R. BensonDemocratYes
LD14Thomas CalabreseRepublican
LD14Bina ShahRepublican
LD14Michael BollentinIntegrity and AccountabilityMichael's Responses
LD15Verlina Reynolds-JacksonDemocratYesVerlina's Responses
LD15Anthony S. VerrelliDemocratYesAnthony’s Responses
LD15Jennifer WilliamsRepublican
LD15Edward "NJ Weedman" ForchionLegalize Marijuana Party
LD15Dioh WilliamsLegalize Marijuana Party
LD16Andrew ZwickerDemocratYes
LD16Roy FreimanDemocratYes
LD16Mark CaliguireRepublican
LD16Christine MadridRepublican
LD17Joe DanielsenDemocratYesJoe's Responses
LD17Joseph V. EganDemocratYes
LD17Patricia BadovinacRepublican
LD17Maria Concepcion PowellRepublicanMaria’s Responses
LD18Nancy PinkinDemocratYes
LD18Robert KarabinchakDemocratYes
LD18Robert A. Bengivenga Jr.Republican
LD18Jeffrey R. BrownRepublican
LD19Craig J. CoughlinDemocratYes
LD19Yvonne M. LopezDemocratYes
LD19Christian OnuohaRepublican
LD19Rocco GenovaRepublican
LD19William CruzIndependentWilliam’s Responses
LD20Annette QuijanoDemocratYesAnnette’s Responses
LD20Jamel C. HolleyDemocratYesJamel’s Responses
LD20Ashraf HannaRepublican
LD20Charles DonnellyRepublican
LD21Jon BramnickRepublicanYes
LD21Nancy MunozRepublicanYes
LD21Lisa MandelblattDemocratLisa’s Responses
LD21Stacey GundermanDemocratStacey’s Responses
LD21Martin MarksIndependent Conservative
LD21Harris P. PappasIndependent Conservative
LD22James KennedyDemocratYes
LD22Linda CarterDemocratYes
LD22Patricia QuattrocchiRepublicanPatricia's Responses
LD23Erik PetersonRepublicanYes
LD23John DiMaioRepublicanYes
LD23Marisa TrofimovDemocrat
LD23Denise T. KingDemocrat
LD24F. Parker SpaceRepublicanYes
LD24Harold J. "Hal" WirthsRepublicanYes
LD24Deana LykinsDemocrat
LD24Dan Soloman SmithDemocrat
LD25Anthony M. BuccoRepublicanYes
LD25Brian BergenRepublican
LD25Lisa BhimaniDemocrat
LD25Darcy DraegerDemocrat
LD26BettyLou DeCroceRepublicanYes
LD26Jay WebberRepublicanYes
LD26Laura FortgangDemocrat
LD26Christine ClarkeDemocrat
LD27John F. McKeonDemocratYes
LD27Mila M. JaseyDemocratYes
LD27Michael DaileyRepublican
LD27Mauro G. Tucci Jr.Republican
LD28Cleopatra TuckerDemocratYes
LD28Ralph R. CaputoDemocratYes
LD28Joy Bembry-FreemanRepublican
LD28Antonio PiresRepublican
LD28Derrick RossStrength In Numbers
LD29Eliana Pintor MarinDemocratYes
LD29Shanique Davis-SpeightDemocratYes
LD29John AnelloRepublican
LD29Jeannette VerasRepublican
LD29Nichelle VelazquezJobs, Equal Rights
LD29Yolanda JohnsonJobs, Equal Rights
LD30Sean T. KeanRepublicanYes
LD30Edward H. ThomsonRepublicanYes
LD30Steven FarkasDemocrat
LD30Yasin "Jason" CelikDemocrat
LD30Hank SchroederThe Other Candidate
LD31Angela V. McKnightDemocratYes
LD31Nicholas A. ChiaravallotiDemocratYes
LD31Jason Todd MushnickRepublican
LD31Mary Kay PalangeRepublican
LD32Angelica M. JimenezDemocratYes
LD32Pedro MejiaDemocratYes
LD32Ann CarlettaRepublican
LD32Francesca CurreliRepublican
LD33Raj MukherjiDemocratYes
LD33Annette ChaparroDemocratYes
LD33Holly LucykRepublican
LD33Fabian RohenaRepublican
LD34Thomas P. GiblinDemocratYesThomas’ Responses
LD34Britnee N. TimberlakeDemocratYes
LD34Bharat T. RanaRepublican
LD34Irene DeVitaRepublican
LD34Clenard Howard Childress Jr.Stop the Insanity!
LD35Shavonda E. SumterDemocratYesShavonda’s Responses
LD35Benjie E. WimberlyDemocratYesBenjie’s Responses
LD35Tamer MamkejRepublican
LD36Gary S. SchaerDemocratYes
LD36Clinton CalabreseDemocratYesClinton’s Responses
LD36Khaldoun AndrowisRepublican
LD36Foster LoweRepublican
LD37Gordon M. JohnsonDemocratYesGordon’s Responses
LD37Valerie Vainieri HuttleDemocratYes
LD37Angela T. HendricksRepublican
LD37Gino TessaroRepublican
LD37Claudio BelusicLibertarian Party
LD38Lisa SwainDemocratYes
LD38Christopher TullyDemocratYes
LD38Michael A. KazimirRepublican
LD38Christopher DiPiazzaRepublican
LD39Holly T. SchepisiRepublicanYes
LD39Robert J. AuthRepublicanYes
LD39Gerald FaloticoDemocratGerald's Responses
LD39John Birkner Jr.DemocratJohn's Responses
LD40Kevin J. RooneyRepublicanYes
LD40Christopher P. DePhillipsRepublicanYes
LD40Michael A. SedonDemocrat
LD40Maria Martini CordonnierDemocrat