Learn all about the SAM Innovation Project

Many principals in New Jersey have increased their instructional leadership capacity through the SAM Project. They have positively impacted teaching and learning with this process, proven effective in independent and external research. The process is directly linked to the improvement of both teacher quality and school climate and culture in addition to student academic gains. The SAM process changes the status quo by prioritizing the principal’s focus on scheduled activities directly connected with improving teaching and learning.

The SAM process follows five key steps: Readiness, Baseline Data Collection, Daily TimeTrack Meeting, Implementation Specialists and Time Change Coaching, and Year Later Data Collection. Attend this free information session and hear from the national founder along with New Jersey educators who are using the system.

If you are interested in bringing SAM to your school to help your principal find more time in the day for instructional leadership, please contact Dr. Mary Reece, FEA Director of Special Projects, at 609-860-1200 or mreece@njpsa.org.