SEHBP Health Plan Rates – Effective January 2024

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On August 3rd, the anticipated AON report of Ch 44 was released by the Treasury Department. The report indicates that the savings to employers over the past three years was $462.7 million, far exceeding the $300 million required under the law. That means that there would be no need to institute plan design changes had the savings not met the $300 million mark. I also do not anticipate any change in the Ch 44 cost share chart.


The rates for all four of the plans offered through SEHBP have been accepted and result in the following premium changes:


                                            Medical                               Rx                             Total (Medical with Rx)


NJDIRECT 10 and 15         9.3%                                        3.8%                           11.0%


NJEHP                                  1.3%                                        16.5%                          2.6%


GSHP                                    11.3%                                      19.7%                            12.2%


If your district offers a Prescription plan separate from the SEHBP medical plan, the increase will be listed under the Medical column only.  If your district provides both the medical and Rx plan through the SEHBP, then the increase is listed under the Total column.


For questions related to your district health benefit, Call Bob Murphy at NJPSA 609-860-1200 or email