State Board Modifies Public Testimony for May Meeting

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The New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) announced April 13 that the start time for the New Jersey State Board of Education's public testimony session scheduled for Wednesday, May has changed from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m.  Additionally, the Open Topic opportunity also scheduled for May 6, 2015, is postponed.

The Board will only receive public testimony on amendments to the Programs to Support Student Development health services regulations which were generally required due to recent statutory changes related to school health and school safety and security.  Specifically the changes:

  • Specify the school district’s responsibilities in providing school health services to eligible nonpublic school students;
  • Clarify the provisions of home or out-of-school instruction;
  • Require the establishment and implementation of an emergency action plan for responding to a sudden cardiac event, including the use of an AED (as required by Janet’s Law);
  • Pursuant to the Scholastic Student-Athlete Safety Act:
    • Require the use of a new Pre-participation Physical Evaluation (PPE) form [2.2(h)1ii];
    • Require a licensed physician, advanced practice nurse or physician assistant who completes the PPE form to complete the Student-Athlete Cardiac Screening professional development module (PD module) [2.2(h)1ii(1)]; and
    • Permit a student-athlete’s parent to obtain a physical examination from a physician who can certify completion of the PD module or to request the school physician provides the examination if the PPE is submitted without the signed certification statement [2.2(h)1ii(1)(A)];
    • Ensure a contract between the school district and school physician include a statement of assurance that the school physician completed the PD module [2.3(a)3]; and
    • Compel the school nurse to review the Health History Update Questionnaire form and share it with the school athletic trainer, if applicable. [2.3(b)3xvi].​
  • Under the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act, require school districts and nonpublic schools to distribute the sudden cardiac arrest pamphlet to the student-athlete and his or her parent or guardian [2.2h(1)vi]; and
  • Require a parent or other adult who has been designated by the parent, to be present during home instruction delivered in a student’s home [10.1(d)].

In addition, the Board will receive testimony on two requests for the Enlargement of Purpose for:

The Open Topic public testimony session will be rescheduled to the June 3 public testimony session. 

Registering to Speak

Anyone who would like to speak during a public testimony session, may reserve time by registering online or calling the State Board office at 609-984-6024. Individuals who are unable to be present at a public testimony session may submit written comments on the topic to be considered by the State Board of Education as well.  Registration opened April 15 for the May 6 testimony session.