School Employees Health Benefit Commission Approves 2023 Rates:

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For those districts who have their Health Benefit Coverage through the School Employees Health Benefit Plan (SEHBP), you will see premiums rise 15.1% beginning January 1, 2023.

The increase is 15.6% for Medical  and 10.8% for RX for a combined increase (total) of 15.1%.

For those members enrolled in NJDirect 10 or 15, your cost share will increase based on your contracted percentage of the premium that has been agreed to.  Since your Cost share percentage is on the Premium (Ch 78), your cost share should increase by 15.1% based on what you were paying in 2022.

For those members in the New Jersey Educators Health Plan (NJEHP) or Garden State Health Plan (GSHP), your cost share should remain flat since under Ch44 you are paying a percentage of your salary (not the premium.)

For Retirees, Early Retirees who are enrolled in the NJEHP, if you are cost sharing, your cost share under Ch 44 should not change since it is a percentage of your pension.  

The link to the Complete Rate Renewal report is below for those who want to gain a more in-depth understanding on how the new rates were determined.

As always, if you have questions on the new rates, please contact us.