The Arts Integration Leadership Institute will be held from July 15 to 17 on the campus of Princeton University.

Attention All Superintendents and Principals:

The summer institute will focus on the development of school/district projects that stress arts integration with NJ’s Student Learning Standards. Arts integration is an interdisciplinary teaching practice through which non-arts and arts content is taught and assessed equitably in order to deepen students’ understanding of both. Teachers report that students in art integration classrooms are more interested in the content of the class, and that they participate more fully in the learning activities and projects.

Utilizing artistic activities for instruction in other content areas may be a particularly effective means of enhancing long-term retention of content, and improving classroom/school climate  and culture.

Questions may be addressed to Dr. Mary Reece at or 609-860-1200.

Download the Arts Integration User Guide for NJ Educators and Practitioners.

Check out the photo gallery for 2018 summer institute.