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FEA Online Learning Suite

Your Plan, Your Pace, Your Way

Why Online Learning with FEA?

FEA’s Online Learning Suite provides a host of professional learning courses designed to further your growth as educational leaders, but a closer look shows so much more than one-and-done classes that can sometimes be forgotten soon after the session has ended.

Self-Paced Learning

These are asynchronous courses taught by the very best experts and foremost
practitioners on these critical and timely topics. You have the flexibility to take the course wherever and whenever you choose and to focus more time on the aspects of the course that are most relevant to you.

On Your Schedule

It happens. You thumb through the FEA Calendar of Events and find that perfect session that you need only to see that it is being offered on a day when you absolutely cannot be out of the district. Not a problem with online learning.


The FEA Online Learning Suite
has been created in Canvas, which is used by many higher education institutions and is one of the nation’s leading online learning systems. The modules, activities, videos, and discussion boards are at your fingertips (or your mouse click.)

Click here to see our full list of FEA Online Course Offerings, which provide direct links to full course descriptions and registration information.

Blended Learning and Customization

The future (and arguably the present) of professional learning lies in blended learning, where synchronous and asynchronous learning meet to provide a more comprehensive and rich experience. In-district sessions, multi-day series and certificate programs, FEA consultations and coaching, and the Online Learning Suite are just a few of the many opportunities for enriched, sustained learning.

Meeting Your PDP and School/District Goals

What were your goals this year? What topics are being addressed in the FEA Online Learning Suite? Is there a connection? Whether it is equity, climate, culture, social-emotional learning, special education, culturally responsive practices, or online and blended learning, these and other major topics will be addressed and covered in the Suite.

The FEA Online Learning Suite is designed for…

Individual Educators


School & District Professional Learning Opportunities

Online learning can be just as effective for individual educators looking to enhance their knowledge and strengthen their ability to lead schools and districts as it is for teams in professional learning communities who can learn, work, and grow together. The FEA Online Learning Suite is also an excellent tool for schools and districts to use on professional development days or as part of an in-district program designed by FEA.

Engaging Instruction

Online courses developed and presented by New Jersey’s foremost educational and legal experts addressing best practices and legal requirements for the most relevant and important topics facing educators today.

FEA Course Offerings

(Click on the course title for a full course description and registration information.)

Practice & Leadership

Culturally Responsive Practices & Leadership

Fee: $125

Culturally Responsive Practices requires educators to recognize and redress traditional psycho-social barriers to learning, barriers that have impeded the emergence of Black and Brown students as independent learners. In pursuing this journey, they emerge as culturally literate practitioners and allies who are better able to close the learning gaps currently supported by status-quo instruction and leadership. In recognition of the complexity of having race talks, we are excited to extend the learning by offering a 90 minute, synchronous session, led by course instructor Dr. Robin Harden Daniels.($125. Estimated 5.5 hours, including synchronous component)

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Fighting Racial Slurs & Other Common Acts of Student Aggression

Fee: $75

American society has become increasingly more violent as rules of civility and mutual respect are treated as signs of weakness. Unbridled expressions of racial violence and political polarization places those in historically targeted populations at even greater risk than ever before. This course discusses how race-based bullying is deeply grained in a discriminatory cultural narrative and what constructive behaviors can be taken to disrupt its expression in our schools.

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Mentoring As a Partnership: Navigating the Learning

Fee: $75

As novice teachers enter the profession, mentors and district and school leaders are critical players in the first year journey. They have the ability to be change makers in building a system that supports learning and continuous improvement of practice. This session will provide mentors and those who train mentors with a robust set of resources and strategies to strengthen their knowledge and skills to support mentors as key team members in the induction process.

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School Climate: Leveraging the Power of School Climate Teams With 10 Essential Conversations

Fee: $75

The Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights established School Climate Teams in every NJ School and defines their job, “to develop, foster, and maintain a positive school climate.” This course provides this team with 10 Essential Conversations they will need to have in order to build safe and nurturing school environments that support the social, emotional, and academic development of all students.

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Social and Emotional Learning

Fee: $75

The focus of this learning is to explore the possibilities for developing socially and emotionally healthy students as part of the school curriculum. It is a partnership between the home and the school that ensures the greatest opportunity for achieving this goal. Social and emotional learning must be at the heart of ensuring that each student feels safe in the classroom and the school, and has the skills to engage with peers and adults.

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Social and Emotional Learning: Students At-Risk and Students with Special Needs

Fee: $75

Academic achievement is closely related to social and emotional competence. This course will provide an overview of the research supporting Social and Emotional Learning and the five interrelated competencies that foster success in school and in life. There will be a focus on students at-risk and those with disabilities and special needs who may require a tiered approach leading to individualized strategies.

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Assessment Literacy and the Power of Formative Assessment

This course which was co-developed by FEA and ETS consists of five Assessment Literacy modules that are intended to help teachers develop and deepen their assessment literacy and understanding of the components of a balanced assessment system.

Each module uses a combination of readings, case studies, and discussion questions. We hope that teachers will be able to work with colleagues in their schools, in a learning community, or in a department- or grade-level team to talk about reactions to the activities; however, we also provide additional resources in the appendices for independent use if collaboration is not available.

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Introduction to Assessment Literacy   
  • Module 2: Balanced Assessment Systems 
  • Module 3: Characteristics of Good Assessment Design and Use  
  • Module 4: Formative Assessment  
  • Module 5: Pre-assessment

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Designing Learning Experiences for Remote and Blended Learning

Fee: $75


  • Rosemary Seitel, FEA Educational Consultant and Supervisor, Englewood Public Schools
  • Kim Tucker, FEA Educational Consultant and Adjunct Professor at Stockton University

We’ve learned so much! This timely course is designed to bring you from research to practice, providing practical information, skills, strategies and tools, and helping you design and implement digital learning for blended and remote experiences.

While the future of education is unpredictable, we know that preparing to move between the remote and blended learning landscape is essential.  This course will give you the tools, research and strategies to prepare for either learning landscape to ensure that students are learning.

Course Learning Goals

  • Understand blended and remote learning concepts, design frameworks, and strategies.
  • Learn about tools and approaches to foster student interaction and independence.
  • Review applications of effective design principles for remote and blended learning.
  • Become familiar with interactive tools to support remote and blended learning instruction.

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Implementing the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders Through an Equity Lens

Fee: $75


  • Anthony Scotto, FEA Educational Consultant and Director of Curriculum & Instruction (Hamilton Township Public Schools, Mercer County)
  • Patricia L. Haney, FEA Educational Consultant and Superintendent (Logan Township School District, Gloucester County)

During this course, the learner will be given the opportunity to explore how two central office administrators, from separate districts, (a superintendent and a director of curriculum) implement the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL)  in order to strengthen instructional leadership within their district to guide district/school improvement.

In addition to learning about examples aligned to each standard, participants will spend some time unpacking the standards, learning about the PSEL Reflection and Growth Tool, and examining the AntiRacist Continuum.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand how the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL) inform growth in leadership practice in the area of equity, diversity, inclusion, and in the development of a culturally responsive school environment;
  • Explain how these standards inform the work of not only principals, but other educational leaders at both the school and district level;
  • Envision what each of the standards looks like in action (Module 1 and 3);
  • Recognize that the standards foster a leader’s professional growth in equity, diversity, inclusion and in the development of a culturally responsive school environment;
  • Apply the standards to deepen feedback around, and conversations about, equity, diversity, inclusion, and a culturally responsive school environment.

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Leadership Essentials that Build and Support Co-Teaching

Fee: $75


  • Barbara Gantwerk, FEA Educational Consultant and former Coordinator of Special Projects, FEA
  • MaryAnn Joseph, FEA Educational Consultant and Instructional Coach

Administrators who participate in this course will explore essential elements of a Co-Teaching program in order to  build or strengthen Co-Teaching for teachers and students at their schools. Participants can approach the course as individual administrators or as an administrative team as they define policy and practice in the area of Co-Teaching.

The intent of this course is to explore foundational concepts of Co-Teaching and prepare leaders to design a high-quality learning environment, not only for the students who will receive this special education program delivery model but for the teachers and staff who will work within the model.  

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Define Co-Teaching as a program that includes students with IEPs in general education classrooms.
  • Develop a personalized plan to support and strengthen Co-Teaching in the school/district.
  • Apply tools and resources to support teachers and learners in Co-Teaching classrooms.

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AAO Online Certificate Program

LEGAL ONE’s Affirmative Action Officer (AAO) Online Certificate Program provides essential knowledge, skills, and tools for every Affirmative Action Officer, whether you are newly appointed or experienced in the role. This self-paced course covers the equivalent of three days of live instruction. You will also have the benefit of completing the program at your own pace since you have access to the online content for a full year. In addition, you will have the opportunity to interact live with a LEGAL ONE attorney for a half-day in-person session.

The online certificate program is organized into six parts and each part includes essential knowledge and skills for the Affirmative Action Officer.

Part 1 provides an overview of the many facets of the role of the Affirmative Action Officer.
Part 2 provides an overview of relevant state and federal laws that address various aspects of discrimination law.
Part 3 provides a toolkit for conducting effective affirmative action investigations.
Part 4 provides strategies for responding to confirmed incidents of discrimination.
Part 5 provides a strong foundation in recognizing, understanding, and overcoming our own unconscious and implicit biases, promoting courageous conversations around race and other protected categories, and addressing issues of systemic discrimination.
Finally, Part 6 provides participants with a series of practical tools necessary to ensure that your district has in place the systems, protocols, and capacity to provide a safe, supportive and affirming environment for all students and staff.

The AAO Certificate Program includes attorney commentary, interviews with practitioners and experts, resource materials, and real-world scenarios applying key aspects of state and federal law.

Once you have completed all six parts of the Certificate Program, you will be required to complete an online assessment in order to ensure you have an understanding of the essential content that has been reviewed. Once you successfully pass the assessment and complete the course evaluation, you will be able to print out your own certificate of completion.

Duration: 18 hours
Fee: $500

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Anti-Bullying Specialist Certificate Program

Fee: $500
As an Anti-Bullying Specialist or Anti-Bullying Coordinator, you need comprehensive professional learning in order to be ready for this challenging role. There is no better team of anti-bullying experts for this type of training than LEGAL ONE’s instructors! We have trained thousands of Anti-Bullying Specialists, administrators and others on every aspect of New Jersey’s Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights. We are now also including opportunities for live interaction with LEGAL ONE attorneys.

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Module 1: Governance, Ethics & Accountability V2

Fee: $75
This online offering provides an overview of the law concerning school district governance, ethics and accountability for school officials, recordkeeping, and emerging issues of school law. The program contains the following important topics: Public school governance; Review of source of school, constitutional, state,and case law and federal statutes regulations and district policy; The School Ethics Code and its application to board members; school administrators; New Jersey’s Open Public Records Act; Pupil records law under FERPA; and New Jerseys accountability regulations.

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Module 2: Students Rights & Responsibilities V2

Fee: $75
“Student Rights and Responsibilities” provides an overview of the law concerning public school students’ rights and responsibilities. This course focuses on student safety; code of conduct; student discipline; bullying and cyber-bullying; student confidentiality rights; schools’ duties to supervise students and to report child abuse; reporting student drug and alcohol use; student First Amendment rights of free speech and religious expression; dress codes; and search and seizure of students.

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Module 3: Staff Rights & Responsibilities V2

Fee: $75
This online offering provides an overview of the law concerning staff rights and responsibilities. This course covers the following important topics: Tenure and Seniority, Collective Bargaining, Sexual Harassment, Retaliation and Discrimination, Evaluations, Increment Withholdings, and Employee Discipline.

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Module 4: Special Education V2

Fee: $75
This five-part course provides a comprehensive overview of special education law. Topics include the fundamental civil rights of children with disabilities; what constitutes a free, appropriate public education for children with disabilities; unilateral changes in placement; procedural rights; discipline of disabled pupils and those with a suspected disability; related services; and Section 504.

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Tenure and Evaluation Law

Fee: $15
This online offering provides an overview of TEACHNJ, New Jersey’s tenure reform law, which became effective on August 6, 2012. The course also provides an overview of New Jersey seniority law. The program includes important topics such as: tenure acquisition, evaluation requirements, corrective action plans, seniority law, and reductions in force.

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NJ’s Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights V2

Fee: $50
This seven-part course is a must-take for school leaders, educators, and staff. Curriculum features include the latest on HIB, case law, discussions, and scenarios.

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Employment Discrimination Law

Fee: $50
This eight-part online offering provides an overview of the law concerning discrimination issues that can arise in school districts. This program contains the following topics: Overview of Discrimination Law, Age Discrimination, Disability Discrimination, ESL, Ethnicity Discrimination, LGBT Discrimination, Race Discrimination, Religious Discrimination, Sex Discrimination, and Sexual Harassment.

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Signs Matter: Early Detection – New Jersey

Fee: $35
This comprehensive course will satisfy New Jersey’s requirement for all educators to have two hours of instruction on suicide prevention, including the link between bullying and suicide, every five years. The course is designed to provide easy access to critical information. It includes a series of real world scenarios, addressing situations at the elementary, middle school
and high school levels, and expert analysis of each scenario; an overview of research, best practices and the latest data related to suicidal ideation; a review of legal requirements under New Jersey’s Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights and other key student safety requirements; and supplemental resources and references for those seeking a deeper understanding of key issues; and An online assessment tool to ensure that all participants have gained an understanding of the material covered.

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Progressive Supervision & Corrective Action Plans

Fee: $50
This online course will empower school leaders to effective address various aspects of progressive supervision. Participants will learn about legal requirements and best practices related to the development and implementation of Corrective Action Plans (CAPs), conducting evaluations and post-observations conferences, doing midyear CAP reviews, addressing  insubordination, and writing effective CAPs for a wide range of employees. All participants will be able to demonstrate content knowledge through completion of an online assessment.

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School Law Essentials for Every Teacher & School Employee

Fee: $75
This comprehensive online course is specially designed for all educators and educators and staff to learn the essentialsof school law.

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Getting to the Truth: A Toolkit for Conducting Effective Student Investigations

Fee: $100
It is crucial that incorrect decisions are NOT made when investigating students. This 4-hour online course is designed to answer the challenging questions about and address the complexities of student investigations.

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Addressing HIB Claims and Discipline for Students With Disabilities

Fee: $75
Ensuring a safe learning environment and protecting the due process rights of students with disabilities are critical obligations for all school districts. This course is designed to help school officials work through the complex maze of state and federal statutes, regulations and case law related to addressing HIB claims and discipline for students with disabilities.

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Establishing HIB Systems, Protocols and Capacity

Fee: $75
This course provides a strategic framework to assist you in ensuring that your district is working as effectively and efficiently as possible to prevent, identify and respond to issues of harassment, intimidation and bullying.

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Child Abuse Prevention

Fee: $50
Ensuring the safety and well-being of all students is the most important responsibility for all school district employees. This course will empower you to better understand the definitions of abuse, statistics about how often it happens, what is known about both victims and perpetrators, steps to prevent abuse, and finally, legal requirements about what to do when you suspect abuse has occurred.

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Understanding Bullying in Our Schools

Fee: $50


  • Pat Wright, Executive Director, NJPSA
  • Barbara Gantwerk, FEA Educational Consultant and former Coordinator of Special Projects, FEA
  • David Nash, Director of LEGAL ONE and National Outreach, FEA

This course has been developed to help participants gain a basic understanding of bullying.  Many states, including New Jersey, have passed laws that require schools to take action to not only address bullying behavior, but to build school environments where it is least likely to occur. Before educators can plan pro-active bullying prevention and intervention strategies, educators must have a common understanding of the issue.

Course Objectives 

  • Recognize the myths related to bullying
  • Identify the types of bullying behavior
  • Understand the difference between bullying and normal conflict
  • Understand the impact of bullying on the students involved, as well as on the entire school community.
  • Identify the warning signs of bullying
  • Understand the relationship between school climate and bullying
  • Identify the components of an effective bullying prevention program

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Establishing Student Mental Health Protocols - New Jersey

Fee: $100


  • David Nash, Director of LEGAL ONE and National Outreach, FEA
  • Susan Coyle, MA, Traumatic Loss Coalitions for Youth Coordinator for Middlesex County, Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care

This 4-hour course will provide participants with a solid foundation in identifying and responding to student mental health needs, and ensuring that proper protocols are in place so that all school staff understand their role in the process. Participants will be provided with a series of model policies, procedures, templates, flow charts and checklists that address key aspects of student mental health, including a tool for assessing potential suicidal ideation, and key forms for working together with parents and outside agencies.

This course will:

– provide participants with a solid foundation in identifying and responding to student mental health needs, and
– ensure that proper protocols are in place so that all school staff understand their role in the process.

Participants will be provided with a series of model policies, procedures, templates, flow charts and checklists that address key aspects of student mental health, including a tool for assessing potential suicidal ideation, and key forms for working together with parents and outside agencies.

The course is organized into 8 modules:

  1. Understanding the Scope of the Challenge
  2. Assessing Risk Level
  3. Responding to Students in Crisis
  4. Working with Internal Partners (IEP Teams, 504 Teams, I & RS Team, etc.)
  5. Working with Parents, Outside Agencies
  6. Reentry Protocols
  7. Ongoing Support / Continuous Feedback
  8. Addressing Legal Requirements

After completing the course, participants will complete a multiple-choice assessment.  After successfully completing the assessment, participants will be able to print out their own certificate of completion.

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Available Soon

Introduction to the Connected Action Roadmap, Strengthening Teaching, Leading, and Learning

Legal One Webinars


We know that getting out of your district isn’t always easy. That’s why we are pleased to offer one-hour school law webinars on timely issues. Each webinar will include a brief overview of the latest developments in select areas of school law, followed by a Q & A.  View our list of upcoming live webinars or view our list or archived webinars.

Legal One podcasts


How can you understand your legal rights and responsibilities? Especially with limited time, laws that are constantly evolving, and the fact that you are always on the move? Whether you are a parent, teacher, school leader, college student or just have an interest in school law, the LEGAL ONE Podcast provides a great option for you.

As the leading provider of school law training, the LEGAL ONE team of school law experts is pleased to offer the LEGAL ONE Podcast, a weekly podcast that helps you understand complex legal issues through 20 to 30 minute episodes.  Each episode will be hosted by a LEGAL ONE attorney, include information on recent developments in school law and provide tips for promoting collaboration between parents and schools.

For more information, please visit The LEGAL ONE podcast page, including how to subscribe. 



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