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Season 6

The LEGAL ONE Podcast 

Law, Ethics, and Governance for All Leaders, including an Overview of New and Emerging issues.

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1/23/23 - Episode 1, Marijuana Legalization and the Impact on Public Schools

2/13/23 - Episode 4, Addressing Bullying for Students with Disabilities

3/6/23 - Episode 7, Gifted and Talented Education - Understanding the Legal Requirements

1/30/23 - Episode 2, Violent Extremism in Schools: Identification, Prevention, and Response

2/20/23 - Episode 5, Addressing the Needs of Homeless Students Under McKinney-Vento

3/13/23 - Episode 8, Employee Leave Under State and Federal Law

2/6/23 - Episode 3, Special Education Teacher Certificate Changes and their Impact on the Classroom

2/27/23 - Episode 6, Addressing Student Residency Issues

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